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12:14 p.m. - January 06, 2007
Would You Like To Buy An O??
Normally, I don’t do lists or memes or what have you in this spot. I mean, MyBacon is perfect to waste time doing that. Yet, I could not resist when Tiaswooped in and assigned me the letter “O” to write 10 things that I like that start with that letter.

If you want to play along, go see her post about it and ask for a letter. They’re going fast!

So, here are 10 things I dig that start with “O”:

1. Oregon – Sorry, Ohio. Sorry, Oklahoma. You lose out to Oregon. I traveled through that state on highway 20 about 13 years ago, and I was enthralled by the scenery and the people there. I stayed the night in Ontario, Oregon and drove all the way through to Seaside, loving every second of it. Bliss!

2. Oingo Boingo – Especially in their earlier years, Oingo Boingo was inventive, quirky, and unpredictable. The subject matter of their songs was sometimes a bit off-color, and their sound wasn’t like anything else in the new wave realm. They soon softened themselves up a bit, and finally ground down as Danny Elfman went to be a very successful soundtrack composer.

3. Osmium – The densest metal on the block. Denser than Jessica Simpson. It’s heavy man.

4. Obelisks – I think they are cool. The world needs more obelisks, but I think the building codes prevent constructing them at the present time. Of course, if you see a huge grey obelisk that emits a tone, you’d better run – well, at least not throw a bone at it, caveman.

5. Ostriches – Yeah, they look geeky. But they’re big and powerful and have a certain grace on their own. Plus, they run quite fast and allegedly are good eating.

6. Ordinals – Without ordinals, Dee Dee Ramone could have sung about 53rd and 3rd. No one would finish first, or twenty-seventh, for that matter. An unsung member of the number family – let’s give it up for ordinals.

7. Orange Juice – My favorite juice. Yum. Whenever I get sick (and it’s not the stomach flu) I just have to grab me some OJ and chicken soup. It’s a shame that that Simpson feller ruined the term OJ for a lot of people.

8. “Oh, My!” – That’s the signature call of sportscaster Dick Enberg when something incredible happened. Yes, it does sound he just had successful congress with his mate, but for me growing up, watching college sports, without the “Oh, My!” it would be a bit empty and less exciting, I feel.

9. Orangutans – Paging Dr. Zaius. Paging Dr. Zaius. Dr. Zaius to the Forbidden Zone, please. Yes, every time I see an orangutan in the zoo, I fear that one of them will become the Minister of Science and keep the knowledge of the ancient scrolls from the people. Yeah, I’m a big time geek.

10. Onomatopoeia – Got vowels? Actually, this is my favorite literary device. When you can use a word like swoosh in describing the sound of a sled as it careens down a hill, then you’ve got it going on!

11. Osciolloscopes – (Bonus) – When I was a kid, there was nothing better, at times, than to see an oscilloscope in a movie, because you knew it was in a lab and something cool was going to happen. They seem old hat now, but back in the day, it was high tech science madness.

So, there you go, O. If you want a letter, go see Tia.


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