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10:55 a.m. - January 03, 2007
Buncha Random Stuff
Back to work today, and it’s a random day, so why not some randomness?

BTW, you only have a couple of days to join the magnificent 11 that have asked to receive a Smed Holiday mix. You know the drill – tell me WHY you want one or demand one. I’ll post the songs tomorrow and Friday. So be prepared!


Katie has been a real pistol these last few days. OK, pistol isn’t the right word, but I don’t think I can type the word she’s actually been.

Obviously, school is out for a while due to the Holidays, so she’s been at home, and well, it’s time to play Sibling Rivalry.

Liz and I have fallen into the trap of trying to reason with her. And you all know how that goes over with a five year old.

It seems that every toy Kristin plays with, Katie has to play with it right then and there. Even though she knows sharing is what we expect of her. Consequently, she’s lost a lot of privileges over the last few days and continuing unto today.

Last night, Liz said that she wishes she had the magic words to stop this sibling rivalry. I said, “If you have that – then you should write a book! We’d be rich!”


We watched a show on the Hitler History Channel last night on the Antichrist.

There are a lot of people who believe that he’s alive and in Europe right now. There are a lot of people who believe the end time is near.

Which, of course, there has been for the past…oh…2000 years.

It’s interesting – Revelations can be interpreted as many things, and I tend to think it was written specifically for the people of that time and place.

I didn’t realize that the Bible barely mentions the Antichrist, and it’s not in Revelations at all.

One thing that most people agree on is that the Antichrist will be good looking, eloquent, a master of several languages, and will be popular around the world as a peacemaker.

Well, I guess you can scratch Bush and Cheney off the list, then.


I was a little disappointed…OK…a LOT disappointed in Criminal Intent last night.

How many of us thought that the killer was either the father or the brother within 5 seconds of seeing them? Show of hands?

You knew it wasn’t the thugs with the chainsaw, and you knew it wasn’t the little Aprile kid (he will ALWAYS be that to me…don’t screw over Meadow Soprano, boy…) because he lurrrrrved her.

The whole thing seemed recycled from a lot of other episodes in the franchise. Enough with this…we get it. Move along, please.


I had pretty good news on ye olde fantasy front. I finished in the money in the one league that pays out, and was in the final game of the other three leagues, winning one of them.

In my football pick leagues, I finished in the money in both of them, and won one of the full season ones.

Now, if I can just find the Colts a rush defense, then we’d be all set.


Speaking of football, even if you’re not a fan, you HAVE to have liked the ending of the Boise State / Oklahoma game.

The hook and ladder play, the TD pass thrown by a player who has never thrown a pass before, and the piece de resistance, the statue of liberty play for the winning two point conversion.

Stellar, stellar football! Well challenged!


To my ears, I think Reese Witherspoon sang better than June Carter Cash. No, really.


I blogged about it on MySpace, but thanks to Something Awful I found that there’s a MySpace for Nazis.

No kidding – they have a place to meet, exchange inane message, leave puerile comments, and write senseless blogs. Except it’s all inane babble about hating Jews, non-whites, and homosexuals, instead of just your run-of-the-mill inane babble.

Some Nazi chicky babe posted she hated “race traders”. Hey, I understand, not everyone likes Michael Jackson (ba-dum-ching!)

However, I think the site is down or crippled by all of the people who want to make fun of it. Goody!

Though you can find a bunch of kooks on the real MySpace, too, and that’s one reason I can’t let that go. It’s a big ol’ train wreck – it is.


Well, I’ve successfully wasted your time and my time. What a great way to start 2007! Woot!

(PS – My back is fine now….RAAAAR!)


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