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9:30 a.m. - January 02, 2007
I Know That Couch...
I know that couch.

It used to be mine.

I know its seductive powers. How it is a siren, calling men at first to just sit down on it, then to lay on it, and soon, you are asleep.

It’s the “people eating couch.” I bought this couch when I got my first ‘real’ apartment back in 1988, and soon it was showing its powers to all men and women who dared to lay down on it.

That couch moved with me to Indianapolis, and then to Zionsville. However, when Liz enlisted a professional decorator, the couch was soon deemed to be superfluous, and it went to Niece Nurse. Then, from there, it migrated over to Sid’s house when they moved.

Yesterday was the annual “Bowl – A – Rama” at Sid’s. At times during the day one can watch four college football games. A while back, he had the technology to bring us all four games at once, but now, he can only give us three down in his basement. Mind you, he’s got satellite on all three and TiVo on one, but still, only three of the four games are available.

So we had to determine which game was excluded, and we watched the other three. One game is the ‘main game’ that has the sound on, while the others are just on. But because it’s football, if you really concentrated you didn’t

There were six of us down in the basement watching the games, eating summer sausage, snacks, and pizza, and drinking beverages of choice. The football games were all close and exciting, and soon two games were finished. So on the third TV, we put a VH-1 special on the “Best 100 songs of the 80s” and flipped it to the main screen if there was a song we really wanted to hear about.

All of the early games were over and we now turned our entire attention to the Rose Bowl.

As the Rose Bowl got out of hand, some people drifted away, and I was on the People Eating Couch all by my lonesome.

Now, I had had some beers in me, so I knew that the seductive power of the couch could cause me to fall asleep. And around this group, that’s something you don’t want to do. Tank fell asleep this year, for some reason, and he was mercilessly ridden until someone else did something stupid.

So I had to figure out how I was going to avoid falling asleep on that couch.

I devised several positions to sit / lie on the couch in order to keep my eyes open.

And it was successful. But I was a tired puppy, so I soon left and went home. Liz was watching “Murder She Wrote” and I knew that of all shows, THAT show would force me into a premature slumber downstairs. So, I took a book, went upstairs and went to sleep in my bed.

And then when I woke up this morning, I felt it.

All of those contortions did a number on my back. I definitely strained a muscle or something.

So much so I was afraid to pick up Kristin this morning when she woke up. But I managed. That little smile has therapeutic wonders on a back.

But I should have known. I should have sat somewhere else, or stood in the back. But NO, I had to sit down on the couch that I knew was trouble.

So, now armed with ibuprofen, and decaf, I’m ready to face the day.

I just won’t be carrying any heavy objects. Not that many heavy objects come my way every day, but still…you never know when someone asks you to move all of a sudden out of the blue. And today, I have an excuse!


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