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10:41 a.m. - December 22, 2006
A Chance For YOU (Yes, YOU!) To Win! Woot!!!
Well, it is the holiday season, and I do realize that people are going hither, thither and yon. Well, everyone except me. So, everyone, the sex God of Diaryland and MySpace music geekster of the ‘net is not going anywhere, and will be entertaining you for a while.


No, actually, I’m glad that we’re staying at home. I have Monday and Tuesday off, and Sunday is our busy day since I’m the liturgist at church, and it’s Communion Sunday and then we have to go home to cook brunch and exchange gifts with the fam.

But then we get to chill out and spend our wedding anniversary Christmas Eve night (yes, that’s right, it will be 12 years for the Smed / Liz connection to be legal – awwww…) quietly at home and get ready for the Christmas morning madhouse with Santa.

So while everyone is going every which way for the next few days, I’m going to be holding down the fort. And that means, well, I gotta do something. I’ll be writing and posting and all that and watching football and eating and helping the girls play with their presents – but why not a contest?

Why not indeed?

Recently, I sent out 13 copies of a 2-CD set to some of my most trusted allies in Diaryland and MySpace, and I have asked them for their impressions of the CD set. I will certainly post them in due time (yeah, I know, it’s a cheap way to get entries, but still…they’ve been warned that if they don’t get me some feedback, I’ll spring Kevin Federline on them) and then reveal the contents of the 2-CD mix set sometime during the new year.

But of course, I suppose YOU want it, don’t you? Don’t you?

“How can I get my hands on what certainly will be a collectors item for, um, some of us in the near future and a relic that you use as a coaster in 2016?”

Well, here’s all you need to do.

You need, on your blog site (whether you host it at Blogger, Diaryland, MySpace or somewhere else) post WHY YOU should get one of my Holiday mixes. The posting should be public (not locked) so I can link to it. Oh, and send me a not, email or MySpace message when you post it.

Don’t just say, “I want a mix because Smed rules!” (I mean, I do, really, but I want a little more effort than that). Be creative! Show your writing talent! Or at least your ability to grovel!

Ok, this is another way that I can link my friends to my other friends and make the Smediverse a big ol’ Gordian Knot of Love.
Some FAQs :

“But Smed! I already have a mix from you!”

So what? Have another!

“But Smed! My diary is locked!”

Um, well, I can copy the entry on my site if you don’t want to unlock for one entry! The idea is to try to get more of my cool friends to read my other cool friends, oh, and to share some cool tunes.

“But Smed! I don’t use my MySpace blog or write anywhere else!”

Well, you can write one entry at least! C’mon, this is for 2 CDs of Smed Tunes!

“But Smed! I think your music sucks!”

Um, this may change your mind! An open mind means an open heart.

But still, I think it will be fun. So, have at it. Let us all know why you want a Smed 2 CD Holiday mix!

Questions, comments, rude suggestions? Email me or send me a MySpace message!

So get to it….contest ends…well…when it does….and I post the tunes!


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