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9:12 a.m. - December 15, 2006
A Quick One Before I Go Insane
Well, it was a good day yesterday. Katie had fun at preschool and presented her timeline, and all was well. The teacher looked a bit fried, Liz said, because all of the kids are wired for sound thanks to the holidays being close by.

The big birthday bash is Sunday, and of course there will be a recap here. Because weíve got a couple of home improvement projects in the works, weíre having it off-site. Katie invited all of the girls from pre-school there, and so far only two have said that they couldnít make it. I may need some Valium after that party.

Itís going to be a crazy few days coming up. Due to the projects weíre doing, Kristinís age, and the fact that the chicas are living in the House of Phlegm still, weíre not going to get a big live Christmas tree this year. Instead, weíre just going to put up one of our little artificial trees and call that our Christmas tree.

Kristin really is at an age where she will want to pick off every ornament and light on the tree, and we donít really like causing house fires.

I also have the departmentís holiday brunch today, a party at the boss manís house tomorrow, and I may take Katie to a girlís basketball game tonight, so itís a busy time at the house of Smed.

Upcoming, in the corner, itís going to be a lot of music talk. Why? Because I said so! Actually, there will be other things that pop up, but for the most part the end of the year will be a musical bonanza, after the birthday party recap.

I hope to cover Ďone song bandsí on my iPod, the best and Ďworstí albums released since my birth, and lastly, a special project.

Currently, Iím assembling a holiday mix CD. A very select few people are getting advance copies of them. But soon, dear readers, YOU will have the chance to win. More details later, of course.

With all that, Iíve got to scoot. So, Iím going to leave you with one of my all-time favorite pics. Yes, itís the return of the Nativity Football Formation!!!


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