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9:14 a.m. - December 14, 2006
Five Years...
Wow, has it been five years already?

Today, five years ago, our precious Katie was born.

Tomorrow, five years ago, we met her for the first time.

You may have read this account of the madness swirling around that day.

It doesn’t seem like five years ago, but it was.

For her birthday at Montessori today, she brought Rice Krispy treats and made a timeline, featuring pictures of her from newborn to age 5. (Well, close enough to 5). Wow, what a change.

The big change is in the hair. Right now, it’s an unruly mane unless we detangle it and put it in pony tails or braids. But she does look exceedingly cute wearing just her curls.

But of course, she’s now a big five year old, and has the attitude to match sometimes. Which means that every once in a while, she drives us absolutely bonkers. And yes, every once in a while, she loses all of her privileges because she wasn’t polite and gentle.

But most of the time, she’s sweet and adorable and charming and intelligent.

A lot has changed in five years. We’ve gone through job changes, relocations, another adoption, deaths in the family, joining a church, stress, strain, joy and tears.

It still doesn’t seem possible that I have a five year old, though, because these pictures just seem like it was yesterday. (Excuse the quality, these were taken on a disposable camera, because we had no time to get a digital, for reasons that I’m sure you understand).

Happy birthday, Katie Girl! We love you!


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