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11:39 a.m. - December 12, 2006
A Rant About 'Changing Teams'
Pardon me while I go on a rant this morning.

I was attending a meeting that took place at a church on Sunday night, and I was just browsing around and I saw a pamphlet entitled, “When Passions Are Confused: Understanding Homosexuality.”

Against my better judgment, I picked it up and browsed it.

I say against my better judgment because I knew it would make my blood boil, and yep, it did.

Basically, it boiled down to this:

1. Homosexuality is bad.
2. And you can ‘convert’ homosexuals into heteros.


First it said that there were ‘secondary problems’ associated with homosexuality – such as increased alcohol and drug addiction, depression and suicidal tendencies. Oh, and I bet that has nothing to do with the fear and loathing that homosexuals get from society. Nah, couldn’t be, could it? They’re just wired to be depressed drunkards.

Hold that thought.

Then they tackle the ‘myths’ of homosexuality.

Of course, the first myth is that ‘People are born homosexual.’

Well, that’s not a myth. The research I’ve seen from respected and reputed sources show that there definitely is something to that.

But these people don’t believe it. They use a study about identical twins, and how only 52 percent of identical twins were both homosexual. IF THEY HAVE THE SAME GENES, THEY HAVE TO TURN OUT THE SAME, RIGHT?

Well, um, just because you have the same genes, that doesn’t mean you turn out the same. Not every twin gets early onset diabetes if they have that gene. Just because a twin has MS, the other twin still only has a 25% chance of developing it.

Before spouting off, learn something about genetics, would you? Something has to trigger the gene – and what that trigger is – who knows? Genes are flaky things, some are existent and just dormant. Basically, from what I read – about 10% of the population may have the ‘gay gene’ but only 55% of those 10% are gay.

I’m sure there are triggers to activate that gene that are environmental, like any gene.

And you know, as I said before, they claim that homosexuals are hard-wired to be depressed. So they can be pre-disposed to that but NOT be pre-disposed to be gay?

Excuse me?

Myth #2 – “Homosexual is a harmless alternative.”

Ooooh, boy. Here they go about how gay sex is harmful because ‘few are able to maintain monogamy’. And what’s laughable is that they claim that if you’re gay, and a young male, you’re probably going to get AIDS because that’s what happens. Well, um, AIDS is all over Africa, and it’s a heterosexual disease there for the most part.

If you have unsafe sex, you’re going to risk all kinds of things. Homo or hetero – the lesson is make sure you know where that’s been before you do something with it – or make sure it’s absolutely safe.

Myth #3 – “The sin of Sodom had nothing to do with homosexuality.”

Ok, now we’re into wing-nut mode. Basically, they use Genesis 19 as the basis for condemnation because the mob at Sodom didn’t want to rape Lot’s daughters – they just wanted the angels.

But then they backpedal at the end, “It’s true that this story in Genesis 19 is only a condemnation of homosexual rape.”

There’s a lot of dispute on whether that passage was translated correctly to begin with, as most of the Bible says that the sins of Sodom were multiple. They were rude, ungodly, lawless, and inhospitable to strangers. The Sodomites harassed outsiders.

Hmmmm! Harassment of those that are ‘outsiders’? Tell me how that’s different from what Fred Phelps and his merry band of idiots do, just because we’re becoming more tolerant of gays?

Myth #4 – “Biblical references condemning homosexual behavior do not refer to homosexuality as we know it today.”

Well, you know it was a different world back then. And of course, the letters from Paul in Romans, Corinthians, and Timothy all can be interpreted in many ways. But from what I have researched, Paul is using a certain word to condemn pederasts and those who hire young boys as lovers, instead of homosexuals in general.

When one quotes the Bible, one must also remember the context. Taking a few verses out of the air can lead to false conclusions. The section in Romans seems to me to deal with pagans in general, because at that time pagans had ritualized sex as part of their worship. Some Christians converted back to paganism at that time and Paul was taking them to task. At least that’s what I read into that whole section of Romans (1:21-28).

Myth #5 – “Homosexuals can’t change.”

Well, of course they can! I’m sure that Jenn has changed quite a bit in her life. I’ve changed quite a bit as well, and I’m an old, straight dude.

Oh, they’re talking about changing from being gay to straight.

Talk about a paradigm shift without a clutch.

If you’re attracted to someone, you’re attracted to them. Hiding those feelings can only cause pain and anguish. And of course, one could develop self-loathing, depression, and suicidal tendencies by repressing who you truly are.

Think about how homosexuals have been treated all over the world. Do you think that people would willingly put up with that crap if they could change who they are? It’s not like someone deciding to quit smoking.

(I was going to say that there’s no 12-step for gayness – but much to my chagrin – there is. Although it’s 14 steps, so that’s a couple extra for you guys and gals. Get to it!)

You love who you love – that’s all there is to it. The heart is a fickle and mysterious beast, and at times you have no control over it.

Some people complain about ‘gay pride’ parades, or about same-sex couple ‘putting it in their face’ when they do stuff like hold hands (the horror!) when they walk.

Well, if the Irish can have a parade on March 17th, why can’t gays have a parade to show that they’re not going to take being a second-class citizen anymore? It’s showing pride and unity – and that’s a good thing.

This pamphlet went on and on and one, but I got angered up the more I read it. Basically, it wants you, the reader and CONCERNED CHRISTIAN to help these ‘sinners’, to show them the light so they can change their evil, sinful ways.

Well, as a CONCERNED CHRISTIAN, the best way to help my gay friends is to love them for who they are. And if they’re single, keep my eyes out for hotties that they may be interested in. I have no problem being a wingman for anyone. Just as long as I drink for free!


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