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10:01 a.m. - December 01, 2006
Live Nude Blogging!
Be honest, you really didnít expect me to follow through with that title up there did you?

First of all, I donít BLOG here. (I know, I know, itís a personal website featuring my writings and musings and what not, but I call them ESSAYS, so there. Nyeah!)

Second of all, Iím not NUDE. I AM wearing pants. And boxers, and an LL Bean flannel because itís cold and rainy / snowy and windy and all that.

And lastly, how can you blog LIVE? That would be like a boring one-sided IM message, wouldnít it Ė and typically rife with the same misspellings, poor grammar and half-baked ideas.

Not that my ideas are fully baked (I mean, this one, for example, was taken out of the oven way before itís time Ė but thatís the way it goes. So much for the salt crust grill.)

Frankly, the title of this thing came to me in the shower, where I was nude. I guess I was just thinking about the morning, and how I walked into our bathroom and saw Liz, just in panties, in front of the mirror. Thatís a benefit of marriage Ė you get to see a hot chick in the all-together on occasion, for real, legal like, and without the exchange of currency.

The down side is that since it was during the morning rush of ďeveryone gets showered and ready for work or school and, oh, by the way the kidlets need to be fed and clothed tooĒ, there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

But I thought that while I ENJOY being nude on occasions, I really donít like being nude in doing normal things. For some reason, sitting on a couch or chair naked doesnít appeal to me. Iíd prefer to have SOME fabric there.

Well, I guess there are exceptions to that rule Ė IF thereís another activity involved IF you get my drift. Heh.

Our house, as you have seen, has huge windows facing one of the busiest streets in town. Yet sometimes, my beloved daughter Katie decides that she needs to find some clothes that are upstairs, and gets undressed downstairs and runs through the house in the all together.

That makes the dad in me all squeamish-like.

I guess I wouldnít make a good nudist. I think that a very sexy outfit or lingerie is much sexier than just popping out in the all-together. A little sass and seduction, please, thanks.

Besides, just seeing ME in the all together, well, umÖthat may not be such a turn on. Especially now.

Last night at dinner, Liz asked about my weight. And I got a bit defensive.

Yes, I realize that itís all my issue Ė but Iíve been going to hell in a handbasket lately when it comes to diet and exercise.

Basically, Iím exercising no control over my diet Ė and then not exercising like I used to.

So, Iíve ballooned up a bit. And Iím learning that just because Pizza Rolls are ďReduced FatĒ doesnít mean you canít eat a whole bag of them without repercussions. Also, while it may be nice to take bacon intravenously, itís not such a good idea in reality. Besides, itís not as crunchy that way!

But itís been rough for a while to play hoops like I used to. First I had a back strain, then a foot problem. Add to that conference calls and other work related stuff and that means I havenít hit the hardwood in about three months.

My jump shot has probably gone overseas Ė to some dude in a call center in Mumbai.

Next week, of course, Iím busy. I have a conference call on Monday. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I have to go to Lansing on business. And I never eat well on business trips.

The only upside is that Iím going to have dinner at this place . I mean, nothing wrong with a gurgling sousaphone serenading you during your entrťe, eh?

So basically, this went from tantalizing you, the reader, with the off chance of lasciviousness and it ends with me complaining about my weight and looking forward to eating dinner amongst tubas.

Wait! Maybe I AM a bloggerÖ..



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