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9:15 a.m. - November 14, 2006
Captain Smed's Fun Page
Hey kids, gather ‘round. It’s time for Captain Smed’s Fun Page. Full of brain teasers and puzzlers for fun, fun, fun! So grab a pencil and let’s begin?

The first one is matching. Match the NPR Reporter to their reporting specialty.

1. Joanne Silberner
2. Snigdha Prakash
3. Sylvia Poggioli
4. Mara Liasson
5. Alex Chadwick
6. Corey Flintoff
7. David Kestenbaum
8. Claudio Sanchez
9. John Ydstie
10. Anne Garrels

A. Foreign Correspondent – Iraq
B. PM Headlines
C. National Politics
D. Roving Correspondent
E. Health Policy
F. Foreign Correspondent – Europe
G. Education
H. Business
I. Science
J. Host of “Day To Day”


One of these things is not like the other. Can you guess which one?

A. Yer Album
B. The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
C. On The Border
D. The Long Run

A. Steve Vai
B. Vinnie Colaiuta
C. Lowell George
D. Warren Cuccurulo

A. Maude
B. Mork And Mindy
C. Chico And The Man
D. Phyllis

A. Herb Washington
B. Don Hopkins
C. Allan Lewis
D. Larry Lintz

A. Austria – Hungary
B. Serbia
C. Ottoman Empire
D. Bulgaria


Name The State

Name The State This Congressman or Senator Serves

1. Tammy Baldwin
2. Stephanie Herseth
3. Michael Oxley
4. Richard Lugar
5. Mark Udall
6. Ken Salazar
7. Rodney Frelinghuysen
8. Heather Wilson
9. Herb Kohl
10. Olympia Snowe



Think About These Topics. Talk About Them With Your Parents or Friends. You Can Even Write Down Your Thoughts.

1. Discuss the impact of the introduction of Woodstock into the comic strip Peanuts.

2. Analyze the 1978 trades made by the San Diego Padres. To wit: Mike Ivie for Derrell Thomas; George Hendrick for Eric Rasmussen; Steve Hamrick for Gary Lance; Dan Spillner for Dennis Kinney; Dave Freisleben for Bill Laxton; Mark Wiley for Andy Dyes; and Oscar Gamble and Dave Roberts for Bill Fahey, Mike Hargrove and Kurt Bevacqua.

3. Are the principalities in Europe (Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco) a relic of the past and should they be abolished and folded into the other countries of Europe?

4. Present five reasons why Formula One Racing is better than NASCAR.


Kids, I hope you had fun with this edition of Captain Smed’s Fun Page. Until next time…




1-E, 2-H, 3-F, 4-C, 5-J, 6-B, 7-I, 8-G, 9-D, 10-A

Not Like The Other

C – The others are albums that Joe Walsh played on.
B – Vinnie Colaiuta was a drummer in Frank Zappa’s band. The others were guitarist.
C – Chico and the Man was NOT a spinoff
A – Herb Washington never came to bat for the Oakland A’s in the 70’s. The others, while mainly pinch runners, did come to the plate.
B – Serbia was part of the Allies in World War I. The others, with Germany, were the Central Powers.

Name The State

1. Wisconsin
2. South Dakota
3. Ohio
4. Indiana
5. Colorado
6. Colorado
7. New Jersey
8. New Mexico
9. Wisconsin
10. Maine

Ponderings – Actually, there are no right or wrong answers, but it was an excuse to bring up Dave Freisleben again, for no damn good reason.


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