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11:55 a.m. - November 02, 2006
Leaving - But Giving The Keys To Some Visitors!
Tomorrow morning, Liz, Katie, Kristin, our nephew from Arizona and I will trundle into a mini van (a most definitely non-sexxxy mini van) and make our journey to Kansas and Oklahoma.

While it is nice to spend time in Wichita visiting Snow White, and also to visit Liz’s family, the purpose of this trip is a bit melancholy.

On Sunday, Liz and I, and our nephew will be taking a trip down to Shattuck, Oklahoma, meeting the rest of the Arizona contingent, and spread Liz’s mom’s ashes on the family farm.

Our ‘base camp’ will be Snow White’s house in Wichita. Now, I can usually drive from Indiana to Wichita in one day. But with Kristin being so small, and this being her first long car ride, we’re not going to risk it. So we’re spending Friday night in Columbia, Missouri, and then probably will stay there on the way back home Tuesday night.

Again, this would normally be a trip full of joy and laughter, and for the girls, it will be for the most part. While we’re traveling to Oklahoma, they’re either going to the zoo or a museum with Snow White and her family.

Because of all this, I’m going to be out of pocket for a while. I may be able to check email and messages once or twice a day, but that’s about all, really. I need to be a rock for Liz and the girls and the family during this time.

So, instead of leaving Smed’s Corner dark, or post another greatest hits linky linky essay, I’m going to actually turn the keys of the kingdom over to some of my janky best internet friends and writers. You may be familiar with them, and if you’re not, you should check them out, for real.

Tomorrow, I’m taking a risk and having Andria come in and play for a while. Why is it a risk? Well, this sassy Southern Californian tends to express herself rather…freely. And as you know, Smed’s Corner has been at most a PG rated place to read. Oh, well, you only live once, eh?

Saturday, Nikki will dazzle us with her writings. She’s nakedbarista here on Diaryland (but it’s locked – you could ask nicely, though). She’s a firey redhead, married to a handsome Marine with two darling children, and definitely will be well worth a weekend read.

Sunday, Tia will swoop in and spread a little sunshine and birdseed our way. I have always enjoyed her cawing writing and look forward to what she will deliver to the Smed’s Corner audience.

On Monday, Dandy will be in charge of the corner. This mother of six kids has always spread sunshine and blue skies in her comments, and I’m sure that Monday’s post will also contain lots of sunshine. She has the best laugh you’ve ever heard as well!

Tuesday, Violet will be on board, live and direct from a boat in Cali (or maybe her office, who knows). She, like me, is a music dork that loves to spread good tunes throughout the land. And she has a flare for the snark as well.

And finally, I conclude with the wonderful Lap. What can I say about Lap? She’s a great mother, another music fiend and a great friend. I bonded with her instantly – she’s like my female Moose – my best bud. I can’t wait to see what she can share with us that day.

Well, there’s the lineup. I’m sure they will keep you all riveted while I’m out taking care of things. I leave the Corner in good hands, and I will see you next week. Take care!


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