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9:15 a.m. - October 27, 2006
Mmmm...Essay Loaf
Instead of an essay, today your are going to get an essay loaf, formed out of pieces and chunks of other essays.

These would be more suited to my MySpace page, but I can’t login right now, and that makes Baby Jesus cry.


Last night, it was a rather active dinner, from what I heard (I had a function I attended) and I was cleaning up the kitchen floor this morning. It was quite a sight, as Kristin had basically thrown most of her dinner onto the floor.

As I swept up the vegetables coated in butter, shells and cheese, apple slices and bread, I noticed that our cats, Butch and Sundance, were watching me. They seemed to be looking on half in curiosity, and half in hoping that I would refill their food bowl toot sweet.

At that moment, for the first time in my life, I thought, “We need a dog, so he can clean up whatever Kristin throws on the floor.”


Today was a busy morning, because we had to get everything ready for the contractor to come in and reveal to us what the heck is under the carpeting of the formal dining room. So Liz was scurrying around putting things into the recently vinyled storage room, and I was on kitchen duty.

As I was filling up the dishwasher, I had on my iPod (of course) and I set it onto the playlist of the songs that I have recently bought.

“Arms and Hearts”, a bonus iTunes track from the Hold Steady, came on, and in the chorus there’s a line that goes “the band was playing Ice Cream Castles”.

You know what the next song was?

“Jungle Love” by the Time, of course.

For you youngsters, that’s off of Ice Cream Castles.

Cue the eerie music!


Everyone should walk, nay, run to read this at McSweeney’s.


I think the angst and dread and fear and gloom and doom I was feeling yesterday has lifted. Thanks to everyone who cheered me up. Next time I feel like Job, you all can come and sit with me and put on sackcloth and pour ashes your head.

I have a fine selection of sackcloths – the fall line is in and they look marvy.


The creeping crud has hit several people that I know around here. Great, just great! I’m not ready for cold and phlegm season yet. Katie already had a bout of the sniffles, and Liz had it really bad for a few days a couple of weeks ago.

One thing that I have noticed is that Liz doesn’t mess around when she gets sick. She goes all out! Me, I tend to be functionally sick and am able, for the most part to carry on with some aspects of life, albeit in a crabby and petulant mode. And that’s such a joy to be around, right?

So for everyone’s sake – I’m stocking up on OJ and chicken soup.


I don’t mean to be mean, but…

There are many many names for girls out there, and most of them in use right now are beautiful. (I mean, Agnes doesn’t seem beautiful, even back in the day.)

But Larla?

That doesn’t roll off the tongue at all.

There’s a local volleyball player with that name, and well, I just thought it was an odd name. Not as bad as the last name of Yoho, though.


My momma didn’t dance and my daddy didn’t rock and roll. And look how I turned out.

So all you young parents out there, you know what you need to do.


To all my readers who are Detroit Tigers fans, when Granderson fell down in the outfield I threw up in my mouth a little.

And then when that little Eckstein feller hit another double, my heart sank for them.

Of course, there are some columnists who are now saying the Tigers are dead, and the Cards will win tonight.

These same ‘experts’ didn’t have the Cards or Tigers anywhere near the World Series, and had Florida losing over 100 games this year, and many had the old-age society known as the Giants in the playoffs.

So, you know, grain of salt and all that…


Wow, I just heard on NPR this morning that private White House projections are for the Democrats to pick up 12 to 18 seats in the House.

Of course, there’s a lot of time between now and election day, but if the normally rosy GOP machine in the White House sees that much of a loss, then there’s trouble in River City for them.

However, it may be their just desserts. It took the Democrats about 40 years to become entrenched, power-mad, petty autocrats in the House, and that ended in 1994. It’s only taken the GOP 12 years to reach the same status.

To any GOP incumbent voted out of office, make sure you send Tom DeLay a note saying “Thank you”.


If you can, go out and find “What Do All The People Know” by the Monroes. It didn’t chart very high back in 1981, but that was due to record company issues (as in record company bankruptcy). It’s pure pop goodness.

I don’t know if it’s on iTunes or not, but it’s on a lot of 80’s comps and I’ve spread it around to a lot of people on mix CDs.

And yes, it’s in my ears right now…

“Could you be the one I’m thinking of / Could you be the girl I really love / All the people tell me so / But what do all the people know?”



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