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9:27 a.m. - October 16, 2006
Weekend Wrap Up
Ah, it’s going to be a busy crazy week. I’m outta here on Tuesday and Wednesday on a trip (work, work, work) and I’ve got a couple of good ideas formulatin’ in the noggin, but I wanted to give just a quick update on things and stuff…and things…and other things. And more stuff…

The clog was cleared on Friday afternoon. Liz bailed out the water and when she couldn’t get our plumber’s snake down the drain, she undid a hanger and got it down the drain, and the clog was no more. I asked what it was and she said all she knew is that it was black goo. Ah! Of course.


The wasp saga took a turn yesterday. I had thought they were dormant, but when Katie and Kristin were playing in the library one defended its turf and stung Katie. This is when Katie was not minding (she was pretty much a pill on Sunday) and sometimes when she doesn’t mind and you call her out on it she’ll cry like she has a boo-boo, so I was suspicious.

Soon, though, the truth came out. There was a big ol’ knot forming on her thumb, so yes, she did get stung. Argh!

We tried to find where the nest was. Liz went outside, but couldn’t see a proper nest per se. So it may be built inside the beam. At any rate, I am sick and tired of these MF wasps in our MF house. (Oh, wait, that’s played out, isn’t it…)

They’re soon to be history.


There are a lot of trees around our house, and of course that means a lot of birds. Our garage is only a one car garage, and my car is always outside. So I have a ‘target’ as it were.

But at least this time, it was a nice shade of purple on my windshield. Thanks for the variety!


I knew it was going to be a good day yesterday, despite the wasp incident. Liz was getting over the epizootic, so I took the girls to church and when I walked in, I was singing “Lily of the Valley” by Queen. OK, not religious, but a pretty song.

Kristin was in the nursery most of the morning and she only cried for two minutes. So hopefully, the anxiety is over.

I was asked to be the liturgist again and NAILED the reading. I also had a good and peaceful time of reflection and prayer.

Then I mowed the lawn, which also meant I mulched up a bunch of leaves. The lawn looks bitchin’ now!

Last night, I had a good meeting as well. The meetings I’m going to are helping me out, I think. I was up a little late last night, but I was working on my iTunes and playing my baseball game, so I was in control.

So yay Sunday!


I don’t know what was worse, though – the Cardinals relief pitching or the Oakland Raiders’ offense (if you can call it an offense).


Thursday night, I posted this blog on MySpace, and it’s truer than ever, I think.

“Today, I got a great lesson in friendship.

I unloaded a lot of heavy stuff to my main man Moose (not on MySpace, but still he's my man) and he's in my corner 100%.

I had a wonderful friend get on her soapbox and tell me what was what, and to her I am grateful. She knows who she is, and I am sorry I was distracted looking for fruit at the store at the end of our last conversation.

Now, I have a good online friend who unloaded some heavy (stuff) on me. Enough to make me want to cry because of the injustice involved (of course, I am hearing only one side, but I implicity trust her word, because she is a friend). I am there for her - and to the person who is hurting her, I quote Yo La Tengo's new album title. She would say to this person, "I Am Not Afraid Of You, And I Will Beat Your Ass".

Friends watch out for each others back - they support you when you need it - call you out when they warrant it (a toady yes man is not a friend) - and they hug you when you can't handle it anymore.

Go hug a friend...”


I also posted this on Friday. Sorry for the re-runs for those on my MySpace blog, but since my profile is private (which DOES help control the idiots and like) not everyone has access to it.

“Fellas, come here before I slap you.

If you have a casual long distance thing going with calls and emails and IMs, but you're not really 'serious' and you meet someone nearby and start dating them, then let your long distance person know, at least, what is up. And stay in touch, friendly like, you know. I am assuming you LIKE this person that you are communicating with.

Don't just stop calling or chatting or emailing them, and then if the thing close to you doesn't work out, call your long distance person after two or three months of silence and expect them to welcome you with open arms and listen to your tale of the failed relationship.

And when that person gets angry because you up and call after two months just to vent about dating ANOTHER girl, don't say, ""Yeah, I stopped calling because I was seeing someone else. And yeah, I started calling again when it was over with her. What's your point?"

The point is that you are lucky you still have your balls, dude.”


In conclusion, I wanted to address something that was going through my mind as I was mowing the lawn.

Recently, one of my friends and readers got married (yeah!) and soon after she was in a dilemma. She had missed a lot of work time with the wedding and all and her office had some important business come up before Congress on a Friday. So she felt compelled to be at the office.

However, her partner was leaving her job (some of you know who this is, but I’m paraphrasing the story here) and had a party thrown in her honor, and she wanted my reader to be at the party, which I thought was nice.

The question was asked if she should ditch work and go be with her wife.

My response was to be with family. She’s family now – in the eyes of rational people – and you should be with her. Yes, it was a work function, a party. But she asked you to be there to make her feel comfortable and complete her.

When I read the comments left by others, I was surprised by the number who advised her to stay at work, since she’ll be the breadwinner for a while.

I don’t know the exact demo of those commentators, but that really struck me. I suppose when I was younger I may have said the same thing, but having been around the block a few times, and having two children, I know that if Liz asked me to be with her at a function, the only way I’d miss it if I had a severed limb, and then I’d try to hobble over there and not bleed on the canapés.

Any rational employer would know that family comes first. That’s why I love where I work, there are no questions asked when family is involved. You take care of that – you comfort them – you make them feel good.

The above situation worked out where she stayed at the office, but got out in time to get to the party as well. So, it was good both ways.


Anyway, I’m outtie for a couple of days and will probably write something Wednesday night. In the meantime, pet my turtle!

my pet!


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