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9:30 a.m. - October 13, 2006
Can You Spare....
Ah, geez.

I just did the unpossible.

I decided against renewing some race tickets.

Yes, itís quite true, but thereís a good reason for it.

Caysh money, baby. Caysh money. As in, real life at age 40 with a wife and two kids ainít cheap, even in BFE land.

So the F-1 tickets for next year had to go. I know I have friends who help pick up some of the tab, but still right now weíve got a lot of other stuff going on.

For one, Liz is sick. Now, while thatís not a financial stressor, it still stinks. Katie had the sniffles last weekend, and usually when Liz gets sick, she just doesnít get the sniffles. Sheís hit in the head with a 2 x 4, and right now sheís in that mode. I took Katie to preschool today so she could sleep in.

Weíre taking a trip to Oklahoma in early November. This is the final piece of the puzzle with Lizís mom, as the sisters will spread her ashes at the family farm in Shattuck, Oklahoma. Now, THATíS BFE land. Hopefully this will be the final piece of closure so that all of the grief and the stresses that have been plaguing us can disappear.

However, it will take time to get out there. First, weíre driving to Wichita and bunking with Snow White and her family, and then making the four hour trip down to Shattuck from there the next day.

And with two wee ones, weíre going to take two days to get to Kansas. Normally, Liz and I can knock it out in one 11 to 12 hour car trip, but with two kids, potty breaks, lunch breaks, jankiness and what not, two days probably would work best. Plus, this is Kristinís first big car ride, too.

Oh, and weíre probably going to rent a mini van. Oh, and our nephew from Arizona is going to join us. Heís going to take a tour of Wabash, then come out to Kansas and Oklahoma with us.

Two nights in hotels, plus gas, plus food adds up. While itís not extravagant, itís not cheap.

Then thereís the normal stuff like oil changes and the like. Lizís car needed a new battery, which is better than what we thought it was.

Then thereís stuff around the house. Notice that tree in front of our house to the right?

Well, I always thought it was a willow. Itís not. Itís a Chinese Elm.

And it grows and grows and grows. We need to get it trimmed, else someone walking on the sidewalk (or some dude mowing the lawn Ė me) will get decapitated. And you know, if that happens, I donít expect anyone to be overly sad Ė so much so they have to cremate a dead bird in the parking lot of my office.

So we have contracted someone to trim the thing, but they canít get to it yet because the ground is too wet. They have to drive onto the yard to trim it, which makes sense. But they donít want to screw up the yard (thankfully) so they have to wait until itís dry.

Then thereís my iPod. I sense the end is near for this battery. Last night, I wanted to take it with me while I swept up the gallons of food on our kitchen floor (little Kristin has quite the arm Ė and the chunks of pot roast and carrots make for inviting projectiles). I started a playlist, moved to the second song, and BLAMMO! It was done. I had just taken it off of the charger.

So thatís some money there. Like Iím going to open that bad boy up and see what happens.

Then thereís our kitchen sink. Itís clogged. Two days ago, I got some Liquid Plumr and it didnít help. Last night, I got Drano Max, and it seems to be even worse. Sigh.

I donít know nothiní Ďbout plumbiní no pipes.

One wonders whatís down there to make it a big olí clog. A few days ago, our downstairs toilet clogged and it took a Herculean effort by me to get it unplugged. It looked like someone (remaining nameless) put some meatloaf in the toilet without telling us when she was supposed to be eating it. Anyway, thatís always a possibility that some foreign object has been lodged in the sink, and no amount of liquid glop will help.

And then thereís the phone call I got Wednesday at work. One you never want to hear in your life.

ďHoney, I think we have a wasps nest inside our house.Ē

A what? Where? How? And all of those other newspaper questions?

I took a look. In our library, on one of the lights, right where it bolts onto the crossbeam, there seems to be a cluster of wasp-like insects. (We have 11-foot ceilings, so I canít really tell without getting a ladder, and do you really think that Iím going to stand on a latter just to verify that those mfís are wasps? Hah.)

That beam is where they ran the cable into the house back in the day, so I bet it got hollowed out a bit and yeah, a gang of wasps could have claimed it as their turf.

Now the question is how to get rid of them without killing us. Because death by fumigation is a bad thing.

Anyway, we are not destitute, really. Things are going as well as possible for the stressors that have overtaken our lives recently. But you know what I really need?

I need to land on one of those Community Chest cards that read ďBank Error In Your FavorĒ.

Now, what do I need to roll to get on that square?


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