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1:41 p.m. - October 10, 2006
Where Be Me Sunglasses, Peeps?
Saturday was such a good day, in all aspects. Good football game, good lunch, good time with friends afterward. It was a real good time – laughing and all that and me being silly and being banned from air guitar, etc.

OK, yeah, I was a little late and yeah, I woke up Sunday all fuzzy a bit. And of course, I had to be the liturgist at church and it was Old Testament reading time, and that’s, well, a bit scary because God at that point was in his ass-kicking and name-taking phase.

Katie had the snuffles this weekend, and the transitory principle of child-rearing means that Liz soon got them. So she needed a nap right after church, and I got the kids fed, and Kristin put down. I watched the Formula One race that I had recorded, and when that was over, I went to get my laundry.

Yes, I do my own laundry. Fellas, deal with it.

Flash back to earlier in the week, if you would. I have glasses that are pretty neat, and actually they don’t make them anymore (they’re Danish and I supposedly got one of the last pairs they made in stock). Since I’m blind as a nearsighted mole, I need sunglasses as well. But instead of getting prescription pair of sunglasses, I decided to get some clip-ons that are molded to my frames in a perfect fit so I don’t look like a dork with flip ups or anything like that.

Sure, they were a bit pricy but what the hey.

Well, I’m on year three of these glasses (my eyes, thankfully, have stopped changing – my astigmatism seems under control) and I think this is the end of the line, but until I go see my eye doctor I still am in need to these sunglasses to help me when I’m out in the sun.

But they went missing one day. Sometimes the weather has been cloudy and I need them for one trip, but then not for the rest of the day. I try to put them someplace in my office or in my car where I can get them easily.

(Yes, I KNOW I have a case for them – but why make it easy on myself, eh?)

It got sunny late in the week, and I went to look for my sunglasses. They weren’t where I normally put them in the car, they weren’t in the case, and they weren’t on the counter at home where I normally put them.

Hmmm…maybe I left them at work.

I checked work. Nope.

Hmmm….ok. Maybe I left them in the shirt pocket I wore the day before.

Nope. I checked the pants too. Not there either.

Well, they HAVE to be somewhere, I said.

Saturday, I have a flash go through my head. They’re in Liz’s car. We drove the girls to Little Mexico on Tuesday for dinner. I bet I left them in her car, by the Sesame Street CDs.

Nope. Not there.

I’m flummoxed. Where can those rascals be?

Well, I start doing laundry on Sunday. Being a good little laundry person, I actually separate the whites and grays from the colors (yes, I’m a good boy and don’t mix my reds with whites, but I put the grays in with the whites because I want to be sure I can do my laundry in two loads, only) and put them in different piles.

I was putting my blue and white Oxford shirt in the machine when I felt something in the pocket.

Yes, it was the sunglasses. I had put them in there on Tuesday, and forgotten about them. So when I looked for them and checked the day before’s shirt, it wasn’t in that shirt, it was in the shirt two days before, now buried under socks and boxers and other things.

Argh! I need…something…what I don’t know, but something. Maybe implant a little beeper on those sunglasses or something.

To review:

1. Smed has an easy solution for his sunglasses problem, but doesn’t utilize it.
2. Smed can remember all kinds of pop culture and unimportant crap, but doesn’t remember some of the most mundane things.
3. Smed puts his blue and white striped Oxford shirt in with the whites, for some reason.


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