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10:49 a.m. - September 29, 2006
The Homecoming Queen Has Got A...Leg???
Ah, tonight is one of the big events of the high school season. It's Homecoming!

Yes, that's right. At the football game tonight, they're going to crown the Homecoming queen and this year, it's a bit different.

It's different from when I was in high school as well. Back then, we had just three grades in the high school, and while we had homecoming queens and such, we also had floats. For three straight years, our class finished SECOND in the float contest. We couldn't even get the sympathy win our senior year. We wuz robbed.

(Of course, we ALMOST had a float with the theme Senior Apathy – We Don't Give A Damn – Tie Delphi)

They don't have the floats anymore. I guess it cost too much money for the wood, chicken wire, and crepe paper, and it takes a lot of man hours to chaperone the float building, in case some of the kids were to take some liberties during the float building and do some 'illegal' activities. High school students taking liberties? Heaven forfend!

But tonight will be a bit different.

Well, there are the requisite attendants and what not. Now that the freshmen are at the high school, there are three attendants and now there are four queen candidates.

There are also honorary attendants who are the foreign exchange students. During my senior year, we had four female exchange students, so we had quite a parade of attendants. I wonder what a teenager from Finland or Spain really thought of the homecoming spectacle, with the football and the floats and the after homecoming parties with the...well...

This year, when I got back from my trip and started reading the paper, the front page of the Paper of Montgomery County had a picture of the queen candidates and the attendants.

It's quite a diverse crowd, especially for BFE land.

The freshman attendant had a big smile and is quite tan. I don't know if she's biracial, or just fake bakes. She's probably the most typical looking of the attendants.

The sophomore attendant stands out. She's tall, and her outfit was definitely different with a lace blouse, bracelets on her left hand, Doc Martens, and a unique hairstyle that looks good on her. Anarchy in the queen contest! I know her parents, and I am wondering if she will wear a traditional dress, or just break all the rules. I'm hoping for punk rock all the way!

The junior attendant is a dancer. I've seen her perform with the high school dance team and with the dance academy that Katie attends. She's vivacious and a great performer.

Oh, and she's African American.

Yes, the juniors here in BFE land elected a black girl for their attendant! Go them! There aren't that many African-Americans around here. The main minority in this town are Hispanics.

The honorary attendant looks very nice and prim and proper, and then there are the four homecoming queen candidates, all seniors.

They, of course are all blonde.

Two of them look just typical, though one looks like she has a bit of a wild child in her.

One of them is the daughter of an English professor and a high school English teacher. Two parents, two PhDs. She’s got bookwormy type glasses but has a nice smile. She's probably wicked smart and nice. She's a substitute on the soccer team and has a good attitude. It's cool that she's nominated.

Then there's the fourth candidate.

Remember when I talked about the kicker for the football team also being one of the best girls' soccer players in the state?

Well, she's a candidate for Homecoming queen, too.

Holy Helen Hunt After School Special!

Here are a couple of articles about her unique opportunity.

No, she's not going to be wearing a dress. She'll be in her football gear.

Usually, if a football player is an escort for a queen candidate, he'll be the one in the football gear. Not tonight.

I bet she will win, especially if the football team is lobbying for her.

Crawfordsville plays an arch-rival tonight, the evil Lebanon Tigers. It would be sweet justice if Megan won the queen contest, and then kicked the winning field goal.

That will definitely make my story easy to write tonight!


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