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10:23 a.m. - August 31, 2006
This Entry Is Officially A Space Filler
The internet is a marvelous thing.

Actually, search engines are the most marvelous thing of the marvelous thing.

Because you can find anything, anywhere! And believe me; people are trying to find anything, anywhere!

If you haven’t heard, AOL accidentally released about three months of search logs, and the wacky guys at Something Awful combed through them and put together a series of hilarious postings about people stringing searches together. The first link is the first one, and the other two are here and here.

In fact, if you want to search the logs themselves, here is a tool to do so.

Pretty amazing what people will look for in a stream of consciousness. Amazing, disturbing, sickening. Yeah, all of those words fit.

A few years ago, anytime someone put the name Clay Aiken in a column or blog or message board, and said anything negative about him, then several of his fans would ride into his defense. Most of the posts were about his sexuality, which seemed to me pretty much a given, not that it’s any of my business. But the way he and Neil Sedaka were fawning over each other sucked all of the testosterone right OUT of the room.

No doubt, a lot of these fans were constantly using search engine for Clay Aiken, and then going to look at each reference that mentioned him in any way.

Devotion is a good thing, but that’s kind of sad and pathetic, I think. The only way they could have found some of these postings would be by using a search engine, because these references were on obscure message boards and blogs that a lot of the times had nothing at all to do with Clay Aiken or American Idol or anything like that.

I just did a Google search and there are about 4.2 MILLION references for Clay Aiken on the web. Wow.

Anyway, I guess the point, if there is one in this exercise, is that you can use the internet and become an agent provocateur, and raise a little hell out there in fan-world.

Because there are people that take stuff WAY WAY too seriously.

To wit, the people who think that Landover Baptist isn’t a big put on, but legit.

Some people, I swear.

Actually, I wonder how many searches I will get from my essay yesterday, as I did include one invective in it. As you see with the AOL searches, people will string all kinds of words together in a search. And there will be mo-rons who will search for that invective and may find my site, thinking it’s like minded.

The same people that agree with the KKK dude I saw on the documentary that said the person who released the slaves from bondage with a “liberal nigger loving Jew”. Hmmmm…

Anyway, I guess there IS no point to this. Or is there? Am I just filling time until tomorrow, when I release my mega MTV posting? I could be, tra-la-la-la-la.


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