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9:38 a.m. - August 23, 2006
It's All About The Blurting. It Really Is...
Well, this was interesting.

I was checking my spam on my SBC account, and for some reason I opened one from a Juliane Fawcett with the subject line “new my”, and of course it was an ad for a product that I don’t need, as the first lines were:


Not very good erecxction? You are welcome - <>”

Well, I never have erecxctions. As for anything else that I may or may not have good or great, that’s for me to know and you to never find out, heh.

But what intrigued me were these lines of text that appeared about 8 lines below the link.

“awhile. I ticked off on my fingers. We have only two choices. Hint
around about him and gather what information we can. Or blurt right
out that we want to see him. Personally, Im all for the blurting”

Now, who isn’t all for the blurting, really?

I want the blurting. I need the blurting!

I mean, there’s nothing to be gained at all about hinting around, is there? He could get the wrong impression about whatever it is.

Obviously, there was a list before this, as one does NOT tick things off on their fingers if there are just one or two alternatives. Ok, maybe two, but that’s rare.

What scenario could this be something from? An indecent proposal? A licit affair? Are they selling him Amway?

And you wonder what his reaction will be?

“I don’t wanna be an orgy guy!”
“Yes, I would like to see your figures. Set a meeting with my assistant for sometime in the next week.”
“What do I look like, a sucker?”
“No habla ingles.”

The possibilities are endless. You know, I think I’ll work up a treatment for a screen play, or maybe a pilot, just based on that.

Then the world will know that we’re all for the blurting.

And then I’d track down Ms. Fawcett so I can get her a share of the proceeds. I feel it’s only right and just to give her a little taste of the action, so Ms. Fawcett is reading this, you know where to find me.


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