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9:54 a.m. - August 18, 2006
MF Snakes on a MF Plane!
I have HAD it…

…with these…

….MF bloggers hyping…

…the MF snakes on the MF plane!


Seriously, though, it looks intriguing.

I mean, you have Samuel L. Jackson.

And you have snakes.

On a plane.

What could go wrong?

I don’t think this qualifies as a spoiler, but let me conjecture that some nutball unleashes a bunch of snakes on a plane to wreak havoc, and Samuel L. Jackson saves the day.

And curses a lot.

Now, because I have a lot to do this weekend, including the start of the regular classes for the Leadership Academy and the first high school football game, I don’t think I’ll be shelling out the coinage needed to watch said movie. I shall wait until it comes to cable.

Let it be known that for my films I normally want to watch FILMS, instead of feel good movies. Yet, this one seems undeniable.

If I was going to see the movie on the big screen, I’d pretty much have to see it at one of those movie theater / bars. Just because. It’s almost like Rambo 3, when Moose and another friend and I got totally liquored up before we stumbled into the movie theater.

That made that movie tolerable.

And I do like bad movies, just to make fun of them. I really want to watch “Showgirls” again just so I can practice my MST3K skills.

Yet think about the concept.

You are on a plane. And some nutball unleashes some snakes.

Where are you going to go? What are you going to do?

You are going to want to get rid of the MF snakes on the MF plane, that’s what.

So all of you who are going to see the movie tonight, here’s to you! Me, I’ll be watching young men (and one young woman) playing football and getting paid to do it. (No, seriously, the kicker for Crawfordsville is an all-state girls’ soccer player…)


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