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7:39 p.m. - July 31, 2006
Sad News
Friends, the day that we dreaded, but knew was coming, finally arrived.

Lizs mom passed away this morning (Monday) in Scottsdale, peacefully. She was in no pain, and just drifted off.

While is was expected that we would have to fly out soon for a funeral, and hearing the reports from Arizona on a weekly basis made that clear, there is still some shock, sadness and grief in our house.

Liz was at the zoo with the girls when she got the call from her sister. I had an all-morning mini-retreat and had walked into the office when I heard my phone ringing. I decided to make a pit stop, and let the voice mail get it. Of course, that was the call from Liz telling me the news.

The sobering thought to Liz is that now she is the oldest generation of her family, since both parents are deceased. There are a couple of aunts around, though.

Katie was told this afternoon. She was told that Grandma Trudy died, but is in heaven and in a much better place. Her body was just too weak to live, and we will be going out there for a funeral to remember her. Katie is looking forward to seeing her cousins, but knows that we wont see Grandma Trudy.

The plan is to fly out there on Thursday, as the memorial service is Sunday. We will fly back on Monday. Im going to work tomorrow to tie up a lot of loose ends (audit time is coming and I need to be sure things are done) and then Wednesday were going to get ready for our trip. Its going to be an event to take a 4 year old, a one year old, two adults, two car seats, funeral clothes and Arizona clothes out there, but well get it done.

Actually, the clothes for Arizona wont be much different, because it is hot as the blazes here too, and the humidity is nice and ripe.

Im going to write something else for posting here on Wednesday, so the sad news wont be hanging around this site while I am gone and there will be a typical Smeds Corner in its place, as life must move on. But all the time, were going to reflect and remember.

Thank you already for all of the good wishes that have been sent. They will help us all through this time.

You all out there in cyber land are a blessing. I bid you peace.


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