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12:12 p.m. - July 28, 2006
Dear iPod
Dear iPod,

Iím sorry I have neglected you this week. Iíve been busy making mix CDs for Eve, and I have given her quite a bountiful supply. Iíve been writing liner notes for her as well, since she requested them, and thatís how I filled my breaks and lunch at work instead of listening to the songs that you were bringing forth.

I know I left you at home the last couple of days. In fact, I listened to NPR at times when I didnít have one of Eveís CDs in my car. Now, donít get jealous. I need to listen to NPR from time to time to hear the news. Itís part of what keeps me going; I need to be informed on the world today.

And at home, I havenít been listening to you much, either. Oh, sure, when Iíve cooked a bit or cleaned up the kitchen, sure, but not at night as much because I need to make sure I spend time with Liz. That means interacting with her, and being able to talk to her instead of having the music in my ears.

Oh, sure, I used you Sunday when I mowed the lawn. I used Evilís mix to mow the lawn, and I smiled because she made a neat logo and posted it on her site when she received the CDs. You can see that here if you like.

But soon after the lawn mowing, I put you back in your cradle, and went to watch some baseball on TV.

You may be thinking that I have abandoned music. You may be thinking, iPod, that my Zolofted mind has found other pursuits and wonít go back to the days when you provided me with great music up to 8 hours a day.

Fear not, iPod, I will always come back to you. Now that Eveís CDs are complete and in the mail (even though I forgot to add my note to her Ė Iíll just have to email her) I will now start on three other sets of mixes for people.

You see, iPod, Iím worried about you, too. Iím worried about your battery. I used you a lot, and I can see the first signs that your battery may be losing some of its life. If I play you often, starting when I get to work, by the end of the day I donít know if you will have any mojo or not.

So Iím taking care of you, the best I can. I make sure Kristin doesnít grab you and try to play with you. Katie already knows that the iPod is no touch. The cats donít seem too interested in it anymore.

But tomorrow, itís a new day. I may be making breakfast for the family, and I definitely will be helping clean out the kitchen. So there will be music in my ears. And after we get back from the library to look at the Zoomobile from the Indianapolis Zoo, I will try to sneak away and spend an hour with you in musical bliss.
So, iPod, will you forgive me? Can I be back on your good side? If we can remain together, I have a simple request for you to give me a sign.

This afternoon at work, when I hit Ďshuffleí, play one of my favorites for me, will you? Thanks.

Yours truly,



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