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7:36 p.m. - July 23, 2006
As much as I don’t like being duped, at times I am gullible.

At times? Hah.

Remember Smed is also spelled S-U-C-K-E-R. A good gag, or prank, and I’ll fall for it if my synapses aren’t firing on all cylinders.

(Although, I never did fall for the hidden ball trick in baseball games.)

But below is probably my all time ‘gotcha’.

I was pretty fresh out of college, and still working a bit at the local radio station helping out in sports coverage. This sometimes involved the coaches’ breakfast show at a local (sadly, now non-existent) greasy spoon diner where we ate bacon and eggs and discussed the previous nights basketball games to a rapt audience of dozens, maybe hundreds. On the radio, that is, not at the restaurant.

Earlier that winter, a friend of the groups got married. Normally, you can see a marriage coming a mile away, but this came out of nowhere. It seemed that he was working at a hotel as the night man (much like Dennis Weaver in “A Touch of Evil”) and this sweet young thing who was 6 months pregnant took a shine to him.

Before he knew it, the poor guy was swept into holy matrimony. You can guess how long that marriage lasted – I think it was shorter than her gestation period.

The best thing was that Sid’s brother announced it matter of factly to a group that was watching the NCAA tournament at the time. All Moose said was “Hand me the phone! Hand me the phone!” and he proceeded to call the groom and pepper him with all kinds of questions in order to get to the bottom of the situation.

So, that was pretty fresh on my mind this springtime day.

Sid, who was the sports director of the station at the time, waltzed into the restaurant wearing a pretty natty three piece suit. I was normally used to Sid wearing sports paraphernalia of some sort or another so, I was surprised at his attire.

We were getting the gear set up for the show, and I said to him, “You’re looking nattily attired today, sir.”

The show went on, but it was bugging me as to why Sid was dressed to the nines. So during the first break, I asked him why he was dressed up.

“Oh, I’m getting married!” he said.

TC was in the booth as well, and Sid and TC both saw my expression.

I guess I was a little doe eyed and believing every word he said. Unfortunately, before I had a chance for a follow up question, we came back from the break, and went into the second interview of the day.

After that interview, and the next break, I then could ask the questions.

“When did this happen? And what was her name?”

Sid and TC looked at each other, and Sid hemmed out an answer, “Natalie.”

I kept asking how long they knew each other. I never knew Sid to really have a date in the past couple of years, so I found this quite curious. Since we were quasi-roommates, I think I could have known anyone he was dating.

But I went right along with it.

By the end of the program I was in a daze. Now Sid was getting married, to someone I hadn’t met, and I basically just hoped he was going to be healthy and happy.

We tore the gear down and I helped load it into the car. For about an hour, I had thought one of my best friends was getting hitched. Sigh, I had a girlfriend, but I wasn’t close to marriage or anything.

I wished Sid the best and good luck, and finally he and TC HAD to tell me.

They were just pulling my leg.

Sid had a family function to go to up in Lafayette, so that’s why he was dressed up. He was just being a smartass when he answered the question earlier, because of our mutual friend’s matrimonial foibles earlier in the year.

“But how did you come up with the name Natalie?”

“Well, you said I was nattily attired!”


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