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3:30 p.m. - July 15, 2006
Oh, For Want of Eyelashes, The Species Could Have Been Saved
It’s a hot, lazy summer afternoon. The mercury is reaching 90, and the humidity is nice and high, so the ‘real feel’ is 97.

That’s special.

The eldest and youngest in the house are napping, and I was just vanquished at ‘checkers’ by Katie. (I call it ‘checkers’ because while it resembles the actual game on its face, Katie has some of her own rules interpretations that bend the absolute into a Dali-esque morph of the game that suits her fancy. I suppose when you’re 4 and cute as a button you can get away with it.)

I’ve stayed out of trouble today, by keeping busy (and I’ll expound upon that on Monday when the dust in my mind settles, or I have more gumption to write about it, or something…) in the morning, and keeping inert in the afternoon, except for the checker game.

And in keeping with the laziness of the day, I’m only offering this discussion led by Katie, said today at lunch.

“Mommy, there are no girl dinosaurs, only boy dinosaurs.”
“Katie, there were girl dinosaurs.”
“No, there aren’t any girl dinosaurs. They didn’t have any eyelashes.”


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