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11:57 a.m. - July 14, 2006
Just Being Random
I feel random today Ė and yeah itís probably due to my watching of those baffling movies earlier in the month. So letís let the random notes rip, eh?


Iím hooked on ďThe World Series of Pop CultureĒ on VH-1. Liz and I have been watching it since its debut this week, and I am intrigued, and jealous.

I know we could have put together a good team of D-landers here that could have kicked butt and taken names in many of those categories.

But one thing Iím finding that Iím weak in is when they have song lyrics for some songs. Maybe itís because of the way I listen to music, where I have the entire song envelop me and I donít concentrate on the lyrics or the music, per se; I concentrate on the song as an entity.

Or maybe my brain isnít wired for lyric retention.

Anyway, I bet I could have kicked some serious bootay on the show. Iíll have to watch for it next year when they have the tests and auditions.


I got good news from work yesterday. Actually, it inflated my ego a bit.

I am going to be speaking at a conference in Philly in January for Independent Schools, and itís a pretty neat gig. I fly in on a Saturday, speak on a Sunday and fly back out that night (if I can, depending on air travel).

The lady who asked me said that members of her staff recommended me based on some other talks that I have given at conferences in the past.

Wow, that really made me feel good about what Iím doing here.

My profession has some well-known heavy hitters (OK, theyíre known in our profession) and to be asked to speak is pretty darn nifty, I think.

Now if I could just make SENSE when I give my presentation, that would be bonus.


Speaking of that, Iím wavering on going to my conference in Toledo this year. If the situation with Lizís mom isnít really resolved by then, then I donít think I can commit even though Iím supposed to lead a roundtable and give some presentations.

Liz is doing OK with the situation but I know sheís hurting inside, mainly because she canít be there and couldnít do anything, really, if she was there. So itís a waiting game, and we donít have the schedule.

Fortunately, the kidlets and her volunteer work keep her mind off of stuff during the day.

After all the stuff that was basically my fault, last night she apologized to me for being a bit out of sorts. Liz, honey, you have every reason to act like you are right now. Itís not an easy thing to be going through, on any front.

The kids and I are here for you, and you know that.


Dear God,

250% humidity is not necessary to show that you are around.




Speaking of that, could it be any cloudier today?

Itís not raining, but the sky has been battleship gray all morning. It feels like twilight instead of lunchtime.

Iíd almost rather it rain that just be morose and mopey all day.


How is it that Iím getting Japanese spam in my sbcyahoo account? Like I can read it.


The fiscal year end is finally, officially closed and that means I get to have all kinds of fun with spreadsheets and reports.

So if I start talking in a bunch of numbers and lapse into fundraising jargon and database gobbledygook, slap me upside the head, would you?


Sigh, I just looked on Google Trends, and SmedIndy doesnít have enough searches to make a graph. Doggone it.

Neither does my real name.

But ďSmedĒ does Ė of course it stands for ďSingle Minute Exchange of DiesĒ and almost all of the top 10 searches are from Denmark.



Tonight may be a good night to concentrate on some mixes for people. Somehow, I lost my Ďto do mixí list and have had to reconstruct it. But Iíve got some music goiní on in my head.

This afternoon, Iím going to dive in to some tunes that I got all the way from Israel! This ought to be quite interesting!

Oh, and if Iíve given you a mix recently, I just hope that youíre rockiní out during the summer with it.


Damn you Burger King for those stackers. All they are beef, cheese and bacon. I must resist unless you want to look like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man.

One thing, though, is that they have a QUARTER stack! Thatís a POUND of ground beef, right there, plus four slices of cheese and bacon.

Of course, I have eaten two double cheeseburgers in one sitting, but I was younger and slimmer then. Ok, younger. Yeah, it was last year. But I was hungry, doggone it.


Itís still cloudy, and the spreadsheets are calling. Iíd better answer them, otherwise theyíll turn on me, and you donít want angry spreadsheets.


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