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10:44 a.m. - July 06, 2006
Back On The Horse?
How hard is it to get back in the Ďswingí of something?

Iím finding out, itís pretty darn hard.

Technically, it was only one day off of work, but right now, itís the second day back after the Fourth of July and I find myself not wanting to be here, and distracted by the blue sky and sunshine.

Of course, it doesnít help that itís 70 degrees, and some colleagues are playing Ďhookyí today to go down to a local golf course and play as much golf as they can without asploding.

Having a window in your office is great, but right now itís TEASING me. Temptress, begone with the sunshine and blue skies!

Work is slow, but not slow, if that makes sense. Right now the gifts are all in or on their way, but there are a lot of them left to process and then itís all of the reports and then the auditors come and all kinds of things are going on.

But there are plenty of reports to get out the door, and then I also need to reset the parameters for the fiscal year.

Taking time off from writing also makes it harder to get back on Ďthe horseí as it were and scribe a few words.

And at home, thereís plenty to be distracted by, much of it happy with just seeing Katie and Kristin, and then thereís Lizís mom in Arizona which is weighing on everyoneís mind right now.

Kristin is walking up to 10 steps at once, and is really digging into her table food. Of course, this means she is one of the messiest people in the world right now at dinner time, and during baths always has to be cleaned up from head to toe.

Katie, of course, is Katie, and is dancing around like crazy. Sheís reading a lot of books, and is having fun playing as much as she can outside. She loves being a big sister, sometimes TOO much, I fear.

The issue with Lizís mom is worse because we donít know when we will be out the door and on the way to Arizona. Right now, we have to live our lives and plan events and meetings and other things like nothing is going on, when in fact, things could be cancelled at a momentís notice.

I think the best thing for me to take my mind off of that is to distract myself. Sure, thereís softball, and other things, but since Iím limiting my internet time, Iím going to read more and actually watch the movies that I have collected on TiVo.

Iíve started another book, ďThe Coming of The Third ReichĒ by Richard Evans. When I bought it, I didnít realize it was the first book of a trilogy! The thing is 656 pages, and itís part one of three.

Oh, well, the Naziís always make for smashing copy!

Iím still getting used to the medication. I think most of the side effects have come and gone. Thereís one that still worries me, but I think Iím maybe too worried about it, and it too shall pass when I relax about it.

I have noticed that I feel more calm, and more serene right now. I feel that Iím listening more, and not interject every 29 seconds when someone is talking.

However, it certainly hasnít affected my athletic ability, though I did get four hits last night in softball. My pitching was as wild as college students in Lake Havasu, and in basketball yesterday I made a few turnovers when I tried to do so much.

But certainly there are distractions.

So itís easy not to be totally focused on things.

But I must saddle up the palomino and ride.

Away we goÖ.


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