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11:57 a.m. - June 20, 2006
Father's Day 2006
Thanks again for all the comments and notes, though I do feel unworthy of them. Basically, I got myself in the doghouse big time, and it will take a while for me to extract myself. Actually, I got myself in the sub-flooring of the doghouse.

(Sorry, Liz, I had to use that line, it was too good to pass up. As a writer, you understand.)

Second, Iím still going to be writing here quite a bit, thanks to breaks and lunch and what not. Iím just not going to surf and cruise and the other stuff that much at home and not as much at work. So youíre stuck with me, heh.

Now, on to the showÖ

When I woke up on Sunday, the rain was pouring down, and that meant a melancholy start to Fatherís Day. Which fit the mood I was in Ė I felt sad, lost and alone even though I woke up with Liz.

But I needed to get going as I had to take the girls to visit Dad (their Papaw), go to church and then get home and try to be good to Liz and have the best Fatherís Day I could have.

So Liz and I got the girls ready (Iím still not pony-tail capable, but Liz is an expert and Katie was just adorable) and we went over to see Mom and Dad.

Katie walked in with the card, and gave Mom and Dad big hugs. Dad noticed that Katie wrote her name to her card and he gave her a big smile. Mom noticed it as well.

Poor Kristin, though, still is a bit afraid of my parents. Dad is a bit gruff (I mean, heís an 82 year old man) and smells like the pipe he smokes. Mom is gentle and loving with Kristin, but very loud thanks to her hearing, and Kristin still doesnít like strangers. In fact, I am a distant second on the pecking order with her, as she will go to Liz before she will go to me, and if Liz walks away Kristin howls for at least 30 seconds.

Kristin was rather still in that house. Itís funny, she uses Liz and I like a jungle gym for the most part, but at Mom and Dadís place, she just stayed put. I think sheís cautious about places she doesnít know, which is good.

Katie of course, was doing her normal thing Ė playing with Momís magnifying glass Ė examining the toadstool candle that has a ladybug on it Ė getting Dixie cups of water Ė and begging for chips.

So after a short, yet sweet visit, I went home to drop Kristin off and then went to church. I didnít take Kristin as I had to be the liturgist, yet again. The sermon was about what God chosen, and what God looks for in a leader. The reading I did was kickiní it Old Testament style, from the first book of Samuel.

What I took from the sermon is that God has chosen me to be with Liz, and to raise Katie and Kristin, and Iíd better straighten my act up. So even though Iím still a seeker, and still questioning, I need a message like that, because I believe in SOMETHING.

And I believe in Liz, so Iíd better show it and put my actions where my writing is.

So after church, I made Katie lunch and put Kristin down for a nap. Liz was tired and wanted some alone and quiet time, as she was reflecting on the situation with her mother. So after Katie chilled out for a while in front of Oswald while I got ready for the afternoonís activities.

Katie and I were going to make brownies!

Now, if you recall, our last baking experience left something to be desired, but Iím up for a challenge.

And itís brownies!

Liz was going to make them and *surprise* me, even though I saw the brownie mix she bought at Costco and Katie, of course, told me. But Liz wasnít in the baking mood, and the game I was going to cover was rained out, so I was up to the challenge.

I got out all of the ingredients and the baking supplies, and we started. Basically, what I did was get everything ready, and Katie put them in the bowl. So first I measured the oil, and Katie put it in the bowl. Then I measure the water, and Katie put in the bowl. Then I measured out the peppermint extract (we were making mint chocolate brownies, yum!) and she put it in the bowl.

Then I got an egg and had Katie break it. She rather much missed the first time. She cracked the egg, but was afraid to really break it with her hand for fear of getting messy, so the egg kind of sloshed out all over our kitchen island.

No worries, as I cleaned it up, and got another egg. I showed her how I broke the egg, then told her to pull the egg apart gently at the crack (she has small hands, of course, so sheís got to get used to it) and presto, in sloshed the egg.

Then I had her stir the mixture up while I got the mix ready for her to pour in. I made sure everything was mixed well, and then Katie added in the brownie mix. She saw some chips in the mix and squealed with delight. Katie just loves chocolate chips in her brownies. I canít blame her!

Katie then stirred for a bit, then I started to count the strokes, but Katie interrupted me at about 29. Why, you ask? I was counting too loud. Oh.

After stirring, then I had Katie glop (technical cooking term) some of the brownie batter into the pan. After three glops, I put the rest in and smoothed it out, while Katie was salivating over the brownie mix. I let her lick the spoon, and in went the brownies into the oven!

After 30 minutes, I checked them, and for the next 10 minutes Katie kept asking if they were done in 30 second intervals. Because, she said, she wanted to make sure I had the first brownie, but SHE was getting the second brownie.

Finally, they were done, and I took them out to cool. Of course, Katie asked if they were cool every 30 seconds.

When they were cool enough, I cut them into 16 brownies. Katie wanted a middle one, because she didnít want any ďcrustĒ. Hey, OK. So I took a middle one, too.

Yum! Chocolate mint brownies!

Katie scarfed hers down, and then Liz had one as well. So Operation Brownie Bake was a success.

I spent the rest of the day watching soccer, golf and Mark Prior get his head handed to him by the Tigers. I thought more about my role in the house, and what I really needed to do to get myself back on track and be everything I want to be as a husband and Dad.

I can do it, I know I can. If I can make delicious brownies with Katie, I can do this, too.


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