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7:48 a.m. - June 10, 2006
23 Tunes From You - Thank You Thank You Thank You
Ah, as you kind citizens know, I send out mix CDs by the metric ton.

In fact, I was supposed to send one out Friday, but misplaced a file and with all the falderal happening in my life this weekend, I can’t get it out until Monday. I have two others well into selection and then back to the list of people I have promised and people who don’t know I promised them.

Some kind people have also responded in kind. Also, I was the way station on a couple of CD chains, and that’s always fun. So I’ve received a lot of groovy mixes from my friends, and have spun them and downloaded the top songs onto the iPod. Because while I have a lot of music, I don’t nearly have enough, or nearly have enough of anything!

And now, what’s gone around has come around, and the songs they have given me, I have given them!

What songs tickled Smed’s ears enough to re-gift to others, as it were? The world is curious, I am sure.

Oh, and these were the kind people to send me goodies. OK, my mail-person must have thought I was a dealer of something or other, but hey:

Lass and Lando send me CDs because I won their CD chain deal. Woot!

He send me so much stuff that I still need to wade through it.

Freshhell, Violet, Rachel, and Judith also rocked my world with extreme prejudice.

Others have promised mixes, and Kat (and Freshhell) just sent me stuff so I haven’t quite assimilated it into my collection, so there WILL be a volume 2, oh yes.

1. Gay Bar – The Electric Six. Oh, me! Oh, my! This GEM from Violet is downright naughty AND irresistible. “I’ve got something to put in you…at the GAY BAR!” The sound is fun, and the guitar veers between surf and rockabilly and something totally different! And you know what, even here in BFE Indiana, this song gets played at the new internet jukebox they have installed. I had no idea that this song existed just a few weeks ago, and now it’s everywhere I go!

2. Too Drunk To **** - Nouvelle Vague. Yes, it’s the Dead Kennedys song, and yes it’s a lounge act version of said song. It’s worth a giggle or 298. Lass sent this with love all the way from Scotland!

3. Zip Code – The Five Americans. Bonypony sent me this, because he KNEW that I had the 45 of this sitting at home, and had no turntable to play it with. It’s a sixth sense he had. It’s a pleasant piece of garage band / bubblegum pop from the group that did “Western Union” and “I See The Light”. This is a lot less manic, more poppy, and it may be disposable, yet you’ll sing the chorus all the time “1-double 0-3-6 on the letter!”

4. Steady As She Goes – The Raconteurs. From Judith, who is a hipster doofus like me with an ear for good tunes. This is Jack White’s new group (side project?) with Brendan Benson on vocals and it sounds just tremendous. I just started to put this on mixes, so everyone on the list, WATCH OUT for some power-pop goodness!

5. Calling Sydney – The Shazam. Bonypony gave me a great track by a classic power-pop band and it really opened my ears up, so I went out and downloaded a whole bunch of great songs by them, including the one with the best title ever “Rockin’ And Rollin’ (With My) Rock ‘n’ Roll Rock ‘n’ Roller”, and the song is worthy of that title. I’m just a sucker for a pop sheen with a punk edge and killer harmonies. Sigh…swoon…

6. Jimmy Carter Says Yes – Gene Marshall. I have no flippin’ idea where Violet found THIS thing, but here it is. It’s a song in support of Jimmy Carter, the 39th president. It’s just too bizarre for words!

7. Possum Kingdom – The Toadies. Rachel made me feel all nostalgic for when I actually DID listen to the radio by including this long forgotten gem on her wonderful mixes. Although, I always think the narrator is going to ask me to put the lotion back in the basket.

8. Supersprode – Freezpop. Lando sent me this piece of ear candy, recorded as a tribute to the band’s fans. It’s an infectious piece of classic retro synth pop. I need to brush my teeth again after hearing it. Katie loves this song, by the way!

9. Feelin’ Good – Nina Simone. Oh, I felt so lame when I was guessing the songs that Lando sent. I loved this when it was used as a promo for the last season of Six Feet Under, and I really should have known who did it. But Noooooo, I swung and missed. Ah, well. It’s just a great, great song!

10. Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us – BMX Bandits. I didn’t know what to make of this at first, but it sucked me in, and yes, I think it’s about Kylie Minogue. Oh, if she only had a crush on me! Thanks Bonypony.

11. Angel Of The Morning – Merrilee Rush. Rachel knew exactly what she was doing when she sent me this one. Songs like this hit right AT me, with the understated arrangement, the heartfelt singing, and the overall mood. Yeah, I’m a softie, so what?

12. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House – LCD Soundsystem. This was the star cut of the Lass mystery CD. It’s got a groove, it’s infectious, and it makes you want to move. Put it on, crank it up, and have a neighborhood dance party, everyone!

13. Copperhead Road – Steve Earle. Another song that I loved on the radio, but never got around to buying, and now Judith sent it to me. It gives me a visceral thrill when it kicks into overdrive. Damn revenooers!

14. In Love In Too – The Three O’Clock. I realize now that my unconditional love for the Three O’Clock, declared every chance I have, may be a bit weary to those who read me. Well, that’s the way it goes. This was on an import copy of their Baroque Hoedown EP that my best bud Moose had and it was NOT on the CD version of the EP, at all. I had it on a cassette that must have gotten last. Yet, again, Bonypony, Mr. Psychic, sends it to me, with no knowledge that I was lamenting the fact I didn’t have it. And here it is! Wow!

15. Debonair – The Afghan Whigs. It’s no secret that Judith loves these guys, since her D-land name is “dulligirl” after the leader of this group. Of course, with my timing, I started to explore the Whigs right when they were blowing apart and when I did check out some of their stuff, I don’t think I was really in the right frame of mind or something. However, this song came and now I must go back and re-explore, as it is dense and moody and electrifying.

16. Twisting By The Pool – Dire Straits. I cheated on this one. I didn’t have it, and Judith said that she did, so I made a request and she followed through. It’s totally out of character for Dire Straits, and that’s what makes it so much fun. Everybody twist!

17. Special Lady At The Waffle House – Billy Cox. Violet has an ear and a knack for finding these oddities. This is allegedly only supposed to be played at Waffle Houses on their jukeboxes, yet here it is and I’m doing my part in crime by sending it all around as well.

18. Funky Lovechild – Pizzicato Five. Oh, you could tell they’re from Japan by the accents, and the fact a lot of the song is NOT in English, at least not in English I could understand, but this funky little number that Freshhell sent me knows know language barriers! Awesome!

19. Sub Rosa Subway – Klaatu. For those music geeks like me, this was the subject of one of the biggest ‘incidents’ in rock journalism. A bunch of Canadian session musicians recorded an album, and on it included this loving homage / tribute to the Beatles of the 1967 vintage. Some wisenheimer rock critic heard this song, and thought it was the Beatles come back to life. Of course it wasn’t, if you really listened to the vocals it was easy to spot that it wasn’t the Beatles at all. But the myth took hold and when the group was outed as who they were, there was a big backlash. But it wasn’t their fault at all. Anyway, it’s a neat song, even if it does try too hard to be Beatle-esque (and it does, believe me).

20. White Trash Wedding – The Dixie Chicks. Rachel sent me this corn-pone tune, and I kicked my heels up in glee. Yee-haw! And of course, I do support the Dixie Chicks in spirit against ultra-reactionary idiots.

21. They’re Looting the Town – The Radiators (UK). A sneaky, mysterious song from this Irish band from the original punk rock era. Bonypony sent me this relic, which displays their clever songwriting and arrangements, featuring a cool timpani.

22. Mind Expansions – Kyoto Jazz Massive. A very cool, impressive sound from this Japanese group that has a neat vibe and syncopation. Without Freshhell, I would never have found this song, much less give it to someone. Tres cool, hip and trendy!

23. Denial Twist – The White Stripes. I have to credit both Judith and Violet for this one, as they both thought enough of me to send this tune onward to yours truly, so I must do my part and send it along myself.

Well, there you go. Twenty three great pieces of wax that I thought worthy enough to pass along (I either have or they are on the playlists of mixes in the future). So again, thank you to everyone who sent them along, and I’m sure as time goes on more songs will be included in this list of songs that I have ‘re-gifted’.

Now go out and be excellent to each other this weekend!


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