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11:16 a.m. - June 01, 2006
First Date Songs? Not These
First off, Liz and I say thank YOU to everyone for the thoughts, prayers and concerns. Yeah, she cried a lot yesterday, but we just have to keep on keeping on. Because we don’t know when the end will come – no one does.

And we’re encouraged by the good things people said about hospice care.

So, in the spirit of getting back on the horse, I’m going to write about music!

(What else?)

One of my MySpace buddies said that for a first date with some guy that she had a good vibe about, she was going to make him a mix CD. And one of my buddies here (locked) said that someone gave her mix CDs on the first date.


I never did that. I always waited until a few dates before I made the requisite 91 mix tapes showcasing my love, devotion and good taste.

But this got me to thinking, of course. (Heck, eating a donut gets me to thinking…)

On my Myspace blog, I just jotted something down about some songs that you do NOT want to put on a Mix CD for a first date or first meeting – no matter how clever or ironic you think you are being. You just don’t touch some songs, I feel, when you are trying to see if there’s a spark or flame there.

So I got to thinking of some songs in my collection that would fall into that category.

Those of you who read my blog on Myspace, well, some of these will be repeats. However, I, like Congressmen, have opted to revise and expand my remarks for the record. (Yeah, I watch C-SPAN. Bite me…)

Here’s basically a off the top of my head collection of songs that I would never put on a first date mix CD.

Jailbait – Motorhead - Motorhead isn’t really a good band to put on an initial mix anyway, unless in previous conversations it’s been established that there is a mutual like or respect for these loud and greasy dudes. Someone with a more *refined* ear may not appreciate songs like “The Ace of Spades” (though they should!)

However, when Lemmy mewls “love that young stuff”, it may not make the right impression onto someone even if they do like Motorhead. Though the riff of this song is to die for, I’d stick to more tried and true songs, or perhaps “I’ll Be Your Sister”.

17 – Winger - Oh, Winger is one of those bands that people love very much ironically. I do remember when their first record came out, and all I had heard was this song and “Madalaine”, I was stoked to hear the rest. After I heard the rest, I was, well, stoked just to hear those two songs and never mention the rest of the album again.

This song, as a slice of irony, is great. But I don’t know if it’s a great first impression. I mean, when you think about it, it IS kind of creepy. Kind of? A lot creepy, actually.

Sex (I’m A…) – Berlin - I don’t know if it’s changed or not, but usually you do not assume that there will be some rhumba after the first date. So this may be a bit presumptuous to put on a mix CD.

It also may lead to some, well, high expectations. Because you shouldn’t write checks with your CDs that you really can’t cash, right?

Big Dumb Sex – Soundgarden - This is from a record that no one talks about anymore (Louder Than Love) because their other stuff surpassed it so much.

This IS an ironic song, it truly is. But it takes a while for people to realize that, and I am sure that the chorus of this one (not family friendly by any means) would be taken totally out of context, and lead to several things which may not be pleasant to deal with on a first date.

Slide It In – Whitesnake. Now, I do like the song “Slow And Easy” and wouldn’t have any qualms about putting THAT one on a mix CD, because I like being rocked like I’m bad to the bone. And it’s a bit subtle.

This one? Not subtle at all. Not at all. That David Coverdale, he’s not much of a lyricist is he? But at least Tawny didn’t beat HIS ass up, as far as I know.

Polly and Rape Me- Nirvana. Yeah, I really don’t have to go into much detail here about these songs, do I? I always go for Floyd The Barber or Milk It as my Nirvana mix songs of choice, at least right now, if I get in a Nirvana mood.

Girls - Beastie Boys. Licensed To Ill is fun, dumb record, and this one is rather infectious and clever. But, really, if you want to impress a chick-a-dee-dee, don’t go for this one. (And don’t call her a chick-a-dee-dee, either, because that kitten’s got claws!)

Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC. Now everyone needs a dose of AC/DC now and then, right? Especially some classic Bon Scott AC/DC. There’s a minimum daily requirement, I think.

But really, if you’re meeting a girl for the first time, you DON’T want to go with a song about weight, at least I don’t think so. “Rock and Roll Singer” would be good, or even “Walk All Over You”. But if you put this one on, you could be “Shot Down In Flames”, and that WOULD be a shame.

Run For Your Life- The Beatles. - Like this song or not (I don’t), it’s not really good to put lyrics about being a homicidal control freak on a first meeting with someone.

Timothy – The Buoys - For the most part, songs about cannibalism are buzz kills when it comes to dates.

Beat My Guest – Adam And The Ants - For many people, this may just FLY right over their heads. Unless you are a sub and going on a first date with a dom, I’d skip this one.

Having My Baby – Paul Anka - Sure, I’ve given this song to some people in my mixes. I recently gave it to Becks on her mixes, and I pictured her and Ted dueting to it as they were going camping. (Because I really shouldn’t picture ME dueting with Becks on that song. Questions would be asked. Issues would be raised. Ears would be boxed.)

But giving this to someone on a first date mix CD? You better know for SURE, otherwise, it’s just asking for trouble. If you need something from that era, go for “Bad Blood” by Neil Sedaka and Elton John.

Anything by Serge Gainsbourg - Violet gave me my first real taste of this guy on one of her mixes for me. Now, I KNEW about him and have heard snippets. I know all about the infamous song and video he recorded with his daughter. Eeeeewww.

It’s all in French; it’s all very sensual and creepy. It probably would be even creepier if I understood French!

He’s a dirty old man, big time, yet his records are oddly compelling. However, avoid them for a first date.

By no means is this supposed to be a comprehensive listing. That’s what comments are for. Are there any songs that would turn you off if someone gave it to you on a first date? Did I miss the mark here?

(Of course, I hope to NEVER go on another first date, so I may be totally in the weeds here…)


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