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12:49 p.m. - May 15, 2006
Oh, It's Random and All Over The Place.
This essay isn’t going to be cohesive, comprehensive, or coherent. It is just some random notes from the week and weekend. Ah well.

It was a joyful reunion.

As joyful as it can be for someone who had been up since 3:30 in the morning, since Kristin refused to sleep one more night at my SIL’s house, meeting up with a 4 ˝ year old still reeling from the ultra sugar rush of the birthday party from the day before.

Katie, of course, ran right to Liz when she made eye contact. Ok, she ran right past the security dude at the airport, to a place where you shouldn’t do if you didn’t have a ticket. However, the dude just kind of looked up and said, “Meh…”

So, you know, Mr. Airport Security Dude, I have been training Katie in terrorist ways. Hah. Maybe he was upset he was on THAT side, making sure people don’t go back into the terminal area, and not in the fun part of security where they look through people’s carryon bags and see why Mr. Married Businessman is carrying a six pack of condoms and some devices in his bags.

I would love to hear the talk in the break rooms. “Did you see THAT? Ben-wa balls?” As far as I know, there are no confidentiality between screener and passenger.


After the trip on Friday, I was flipping around the dial, and instead of landing on yet another kid’s program for Katie, I had it on VH-1 Classic, and they were showing a concert by Heart. It was a recent concert, but they still had it and looked good and sounded good.

“Magic Man” was the song that was on, and I remember having that 45 on Mushroom Records. That was one of the best looking record labels. You kids are missing out on stuff like that.

I had to go upstairs, and when I went downstairs I heard the opening of “Barracuda” as I was passing through the kitchen. I walked into the family room and there was Katie, on the couch, banging her head.

Seriously, she was banging her head to the monster guitar riff o’ Barracuda! And since her hair was in all curls, it was a sight to see.

Oh, and we danced to it. And then I found the song on my iPod and we danced to it on Saturday.

She IS my daughter!


I missed another milestone.

Kristin stood up for the first time out in Arizona.

Everytime I’m not around her, she does something new that’s ultra cool.

I don’t have any trips coming up, but I’m sure if I’m out for a minute then that’s when she’ll start to walk.


Mother’s Day was neat, though very regimented.

I had an exact schedule to follow, which rather much limited the celebratory aspects of it.

First we had to get to the church for Sunday school, and I had to do a reading at church that the pastor wanted me to. Because he was doing something different in his sermon, church ran long.

I had to go home to get Mom’s gift and card, and then we went over to visit her. She’s doing OK, has a doctor’s visit today and tests on Tuesday, possibly. But we couldn’t stay long, because we had other things to do and pick up Liz at the airport (the one event driving the schedule).

In lieu of making lunch, I decided to take the easy way out and went to McDonalds (or “Old McDonald’s” as Katie calls is). But for her Happy Meal, she gets white milk and apple dippers with her McNuggets. So it could be worse, I suppose.

Then I made her rest for a while, so I could clean up the kitchen, do my laundry, and take out the trash. I especially made sure Kristin’s room was fresh and the diaper genie was cleaned out. That’s always fun, especially with the new, exciting foods Kristin is eating. Heh.

Then at 2:00, Katie and I made the brownies that were Liz’s Mother’s Day present. They were a big hit, by the way. Then we had to get ready to get to the airport, and when Liz called us and said the wheels were down, we were 15 to 20 minutes away from the airport.

Fortunately, I found a great parking spot and because you have to taxi from what seems like Terre Haute once you get on the ground, we actually met her before baggage claim.

So all the timing worked out, I guess.


See what I said about disjointed and rambling?

It also doesn’t help that after missing 2 ˝ days of work, I had 3 ˝ hours of meetings this morning. Bearings, I got no bearings!


I did have a couple of good phone conversations on Saturday.

And I left an amusing (well, I think it’s amusing) for Red the Traveler.

A couple times, Mr. Fumble Fingers here was trying to call my voice mail and hit her number by mistake. I stopped the call within an instant, but I’m sure it may have registered as a ‘missed call’ from me. So I left a message with her to apologize – that I wasn’t stalking her – but I can’t seem to dial a damn phone.


Katie had a blast at the birthday party on Saturday, but when I arrived, Basim’s father said that, “Katie had a lot of cookies and some cake and some candy, so be prepared.”

Well, I had assumed that the sugar rush would kick in, big time, on Saturday. I mean, it’s a BIRTHDAY party, for cripes sakes. I know what goes down there. No need to apologize, just tell me she had a good time and didn’t punch out any kids. I can deal with the sugar after effects!

Katie actually was pretty well behaved Saturday night. Of course, she got to watch Lazytown and the Backyardigans right when she got home.

Are you not familiar with those shows? Don’t worry – an entry is coming tomorrow about them – especially Lazytown. Oh. My. God!


Liz’s Mom is doing OK, but Liz said she was happy she made that visit and had Kristin meet her.

I take that on several levels.

So thanks for all of the kind words and thoughts.

Also, pray for her tomorrow. If Mom has tests, then Liz will need to pick up Hoosier Niece’s 5 year-old daughter Dru at 5:00, and then she’ll have Dru, Katie and Kristin to take to dance class (I have an event to go to at 6:00 for employee recognition).

That ought to be a fun car ride.


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