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11:00 a.m. - May 11, 2006
In This Brief Report, Smed Is A Bon Jovi Song
Am I a Bon Jovi song?

No, seriously.

(I know, the thought of me, the Smed, embodying a song by that bunch of hair-piled good boys gone semi-bad who play soft metal is odd, but go with it here…)

Recently, it seems that a lot of people I know and care about have some malady going on.

I have a friend whose Dad has to go to the hospital every day for an IV anti-biotic.

Liz, of course, flew out to Arizona to be with her mom, who was denied admittance to the hospital because her white cell count wasn’t high enough. Thanks, insurance company. See you in hell.

(Liz’s mom is getting the drugs she needs, but still…)

My Mom was taken to the emergency room on Friday with an angina. Of course, I wasn’t TOLD about it until early this week, but still, it’s kind of scary.

One of my dear readers and friends has a literal pain in the ass going right now. And it’s not named Smed.

One of my dear readers and friends just lost their grandmother last night.

One of my dear readers and friends just went into the hospital.

One of my dear readers and friends has been battling various and sundry issues that leaves her tired and give her headaches.

One of my dear readers and friends just totally locked up this morning, without warning.

It’s minor, but I borrowed a lawn mower from Diamond to cut my lawn since mine was in the shop. After I returned it, he used it for 20 minutes and then one of the cables snapped on him. Oops.

Just this morning, Butch, our cat, had to stay at the vet because of a hematoma in his ear that they’re going to drain and put something in his ear so it will continue to drain.

Me, I’m happy and healthy. Oh, sure, I failed at the pony tail this morning. Katie was a good sport, though, and said, “Daddy, I’ll just wear curls.” I am calling out the cavalry for tomorrow’s photo shoot, though. I’m not messing around with that!

(Yes, there is an ACTUAL two page memo of what needs to get done, when and where, but there’s no mention of anyone crying or anything. Katie really doesn’t cry that much. She did bawl a bit at the airport, but I soothed the savage beast with Sesame Street CDs and the promise of making a dessert with her today.)

But aside from the pony tail, things are going well in MY life.

However, I may BE bad medicine.

And what’s the Rx for bad medicine, besides banning all Bon Jovi from my iPod?

(Well, the only song I have by them is “Runaway”, and that was for my HS reunion in 2004.)

Well, today I plan to:

• Mail a package that is going across the sea.
• Make a Duncan Hines Boston Cream Pie with Katie.
• Get Butch at the vet, and make sure he’s doing OK.
• Take Katie to soccer, unless it gets rained out.
• Work on a mix for someone, and do song selection for a couple of others on my list.
• Think of Liz and Kristin out in Arizona, brightening up my MILs day.
• Pray for everyone above who is sick or hurting.
• Call a couple of friends, just to say hi.
• Write a guest entry for someone.
• Play air guitar. Right now, it’s “Find Your Way Back” by the Jefferson Starship.

Actually, that’s a pretty apropos song. Maybe that will change my aura!


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