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9:55 a.m. - May 10, 2006
The Marching Orders
To: Smed

From: Liz

Re: This week.

Ok, here are your marching orders for this week. I will be available via cell phone, but remember thanks to Arizona being as stupid as Indiana used to be, it’s a three hour time difference, so any calls you make right before pre-school won’t be answered. Of course, that’s when you’ll need me most.

Thursday –

The first thing you need to do is make sure Katie is ready for Montessori School. She needs to be there between 8:20 and 8:30, so you need to be sure she’s up by 7:30. Hah. She’ll want her breakfast, and only eat three or four bites, unless she eats the whole bowl of cereal and wants more. So make sure there is enough for two bowls, just in case. Oh, and make sure there are bananas, unless she wants strawberries, so get those too.

She’ll want to wear her hair in a pony tail, unless she wants two pony tails. I showed you how to do the pony tails. Make sure you don’t spritz her with water, or she’ll cry. Make sure you don’t get the detangler in her hair, or she’ll cry. Make sure you get the pony tail centered perfectly, or she’ll cry. No pressure. Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.

When she goes off to preschool, the cats have an appointment at the vet at 9:00. You have 15 minutes to find the cats, and put them both in the cat carrier, making sure one doesn’t escape when the other one is put in there. I’d put Sundance in first, as he’s a little slower on the uptake.

Butch will probably need some antibiotics. Good luck giving those to him. Heh.

After the vet, you probably need to go to the grocery store to get stuff for lunch, and then pickup Katie at preschool. She needs to be picked up at 11:30. If you are the last parent to pick up at the school, she’ll cry.

She goes for ‘nap’ after lunch until 2:00. Nap to her is quiet time playing in her room, unless she goes out of her room to go potty, which means she’ll go into every other room upstairs and look for the cats.

Then you’ll need to go pickup Katie’s dance costume, if it is in. You’ll have to try it on and be sure that it fits. If it doesn’t, she’ll cry. Tell her she looks pretty and that Mommy will be looking forward to seeing her in the costume.

The only other thing you need to do is get her to soccer on time. Now, you’ve done the soccer thing before, so all you need to do is cheer for her and make sure she gets a snack. If she doesn’t get a snack after the game, she’ll cry.

After soccer, it’s dinner, bath, book, and bed. You know the drill there, and if you don’t do it exactly right, she’ll cry.

Friday –

This is the day for the Montessori trip to the Children’s Museum. You will need to be at the school by 8:30, even though they probably won’t get everything organized until almost 9:00. You will be driving Katie, and probably one other child.

Make sure her hair looks good, blah, blah, blah. Otherwise, she’ll cry.

You need to bring sack lunches. Ask her what she wants before you go, and how she wants the sandwich cut. Make sure you take enough food for yourself, and some fruit and some pudding.

On the drive over there stay close to the other parents, so don’t drive 75 miles an hour on the interstate and don’t take your super secret short cut. As for the music, since you will have others in the car, please restrain yourself. Don’t put some of that wild crap you put on other peoples mixes. Stick to the basics, maybe Sesame Street.

Ask the teacher about lunch, if you will eat there in the food court area or will you need to eat in the car. Don’t worry, by this time Katie will probably have changed her mind about what she wanted for lunch and how she wanted the sandwich cut. She’ll cry.

You should get back at 2:00. At 3:00, you need to be at the dance studio for pictures. She will need to change at the dance studio. This costume is supposed to have a hat, but you need to be sure the hair looks good.

After the pictures, be sure she changes OUT of the costume and into her regular clothes. She may want to wear the costume around the house, but you need to tell her we need to be sure to keep it looking good, so she needs to take it off. She’ll cry.

After that dinner, bath, bed, etc.

Saturday –

Katie has a dance practice at 10:45 today. I will have her outfit and her shoes put in a safe place. Be sure the cats don’t get to her dance shoes. This practice should only be a half hour, so with all of the requisite dawdling you should be home in time for lunch.

Today she needs to go to a birthday party. Make sure her laundry is done, because she will pick out 14 different outfits to wear, and only two or three will be appropriate. I have a present and a card all ready for her to take to the party.

This is for a boy at preschool so make sure her hair looks perfect. Otherwise, she’ll cry.

She’ll probably want you to stay at the party. This is a Thomas the Tank Engine Party and I’m sure there will be trains everywhere. It’s also at the local rec center, so there could be tumbling involved. Make sure she can go tumbling, so before hand pick out an outfit that she can tumble in. If she can’t tumble with the other kids, she’ll cry.

After that, to work off the sugar, you may want to go to a playground and work off some of that sugar she just loaded up on. As you know, when she’s loaded up on sugar, and you do one thing wrong, she’ll cry.

Sunday –

Sunday, you will need to take her to Sunday School and church. Of course, she’ll want to look her best, so again with the hair. You know the consequences, right?

After that, since it’s Mother’s Day, you will need to go over to your parents house and drop off the flowers I got for her and the cards from us and from the girls. Stick around for a while, even if the TV is on full blast and the heat is on. Your mom will say the same thing about 19 times, as you know. Your dad will want to give Katie some goldfish crackers. Try to limit her to about two or three of those packages. I know, she’ll cry because she wants more.

Try to be sure Katie has a nap, or some semblance of one. You guys are picking us at the airport at about 4:30 and I want her to be all happy and healthy, without tears.

Have fun!


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