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6:23 p.m. - April 23, 2006
More Lawn Mower Fun!
Iím glad Iím out of any doghouse I would have been in.

Oh, sure that was alleviated early on Saturday, plus I took the fam out to dinner on Saturday (yeah, it was Applebeeís, but remember where I live, and remember we had to drag the kidlets outÖso thereÖ), and brought some flowers home, and didnít complain about the cat barf and the yogurt stains on the kitchen floor that havenít been cleaned up yet because the cats arenít agreeing with their food AND Kristin has decided that flinging her food is just as fun as eating it.

So I didnít complain, not a word.

I even was a good boy this morning, and sent in a prayer request for a good friend in order for her to be happy and at peace. (Seems her Mom kidnapped her yesterday to take her shopping, amongst other thingsÖ)

We had a packed day, and it was to be the day of the lawn mowing. But I had just a short window to do it in. It was quite a doable window, but I didnít have a long term luxury.

Liz had an afternoon meeting, and that meant I had to be Dad all by myself. And no, I wasnít about to complain about that, no sir. Tonight, I have to do the same thing right after dinner Ė I have to put the kids to bed tonight as Liz has another meeting.

So I had a short window Ė one that could not allow for any foul ups, bleeps or blunders.

But it was a bright, bright, sunshiny day, and I was listening to some potential songs for a mix for Red, The Traveler. (Yeah, she got on the express plan, but anyone who knows EBN / OZN gets on the express planÖ) So all was going to be good. Not good, great. Fab. Gear. Rad. Word!

As you may have read, Iíve already had a struggle with this damn lawn mower. This year came upon me so fast, I didnít have time to have it serviced, so the handle was still dangerously askew.

Well, today, it decided to just fly apart.

I had to struggle and struggle to hold it together. I made some interesting patterns and turns with it today, so I was making all of these bizarre patterns in the lawn.

I had to restart it many times just so I could accurately turn the darn thing.

Not only that, the grass is so thick that it was stalling out my mulcher on occasion. So I had to go to the sidewalk and clear out the grass from the blade, then restart it.

So it was a chore, a real chore, and I was almost done with the largest portion of the yard in front, leaving our side yard to do, when it conked out again.

And would not start.

I checked the time on my iPod. No time for tomfoolery. I had spent enough time futzing around with the handle, and with the blade that I was outside of my window, and I had to stop.

So I flung the mower onto my patio and went inside.

I called Diamond and the QB to see if I could borrow their mower, forgetting that tonight is a big event for the College in Indianapolis Ė (Iím skipping it as babysitters are just hard to get for a child with separation anxietyÖ)

Diamond could get me his lawn mower if I could go over there to get it. Yet, by this time Liz had left and I had no way to procure it. So I was stuck. I told him that if I needed it, Iíd call him tomorrow.

Well, when Liz came home, I realized that I didnít check to see if the lawn mower was out of gas. Sometimes I just donít think straight in these pressure situations. Oh, at work, Iíd be cool as the other side of the pillow. I could make the decision, make it happen, make it so.

But when Iím doing home-type stuff, weíll, letís just say Iím like a hot tempered despot wanting to keep all of his ill-gotten bootay despite the fact he owns 94% of the resources of the country.

So itís not surprising that I forgot to check THE GAS.

And guess what, the gas was empty. So I filled up the tank, primed it, andÖ

Ö.it mocked me.

It acted like it was going to turn over, and just mocked me.


Double argh!

I skulked back inside, went to get a drink, and actually said the M-F word.

I said the M-F word loudly, and in front of everyone.

Oh, yeah, I got THE look. Then Katie asked what I said.

ďUh, daddy said something bad that heíll never ever ever ever ever ever say again. Ever. Never. EverĒ (At least not when youíre around Ė wait until I go to the office tomorrow and I canít get my expense report to come out rightÖ)

I realized that I may have flooded it.

So after a while, I went outside.

After about three minutes, I was about to give up, when one pull sounded encouraging, then another, then finallyÖ


Yeah, I was barefoot, but I didnít care.

I cut a swath through the back and went straight for the front and side that was undone and visible from the street.

Sure, it was a challenge with a half-assed handle. It was even more of a challenge when half of the handle broke. Still it was even more of a challenge when the other half of the handle came undone from the base.

Then as I was hauling the lawn more back to the garage, the throttle cable became undone.

But at least the visible part of the lawn is done.

And I can borrow Diamondís lawn mower tomorrow to do the back.

Ah yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow, my first day back into the office, with a pile of mail, 150 emails, AND MY REVIEW! Yeesh. Oh, and a game to cover at 5:00.

Tomorrow, when I will wake up early, load my mower in my car, take it out to the lawn mower place at 8:00 spot on to bring it in for service. Then after the game Iím covering go get Diamondís lawn mower to finish my yard, and hope it doesnít rain.

But itís better than having none of it done.

And, besides that, I got to preview most of the mix I was working on.

So I guess it all worked out in the end, even if I taught Katie a new word.


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