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11:40 a.m. - April 13, 2006
The White Page
You know it was bound to happen.

Everyone experiences it at some point, but this is a first for me.

I knew it was time to write, and I saw the dreaded white page, and all of a sudden, I said to myself, ďI got nothing! Nothing!Ē

Now, I DO have some things Iím working on Ė something for Easter (itís going to be funny, I think, but it something that I have to get just right and do some research on), and a couple of other pieces. Next week, Iíll be in Baltimore at a conference, going to an Orioles game, CHAAAAADING (see Vicki and her archives for more info, and being a menace to society, so thereís next week pretty much wrapped us, as far as high (high?) quality (quality?) entertainment (entertainment?)

Some of the ideas just havenít panned out yet, either, but I think theyíll work. Some of the ideas I just didnít feel like writing about today.

I had a nice email exchange with Harri3t about Blogmad, and how after a while it loses its luster, gets tedious and above all, is geared for different idiom than what we have here. Smash also mentioned something about that. I think Iím coming around to their thinking.

Besides, I think Iím doing OK since my readership here has grown a lot recently, and I havenít really bannered in a while. Iím just doing my thing, writing my thing, reading my things, and commenting, of course.

I may just be pissy because my rating score is going down. Heh.

So I had nothing.

I could write about how I stubbed my toe getting Katie out of the bathtub yesterday because she splashed water all over the bathroom, but I cursed about that in my Myspace blog.

I could write about how, for the first time, Kristin was more interested in her toy Elmo phone than saying goodbye to me as I left for work. You know, 10-month olds, they have their own agenda. But thatís just news-in-brief.

So the blank page was staring at me.

I posted a guest entry at freshhell and her spot, and when I read it I noticed a bad grammatical error that may be due to an email issue or the fact when I re-read and edited I jammed a couple of sentences together without properly looking at antecedents and all. Those antecedents will get you EVERY time!

I could write about some of my other friends around here. Some are up, some are down, but all are writing and communicating and doing what they do best. But me writing about their writing is rather, well, like cheating, or something. So just go look at my favorites list, or better yet, look at those who link to ME (as there are many more there) and read their stuff.

So the white page of death was still up.

Why not get some work done, then? Oh, I did. Then here I am again, waiting for a report to compile, and I still see the white page.

Why not talk about baseball, and the Cubs, or something like that? I have other outlets for that stuff, and may later do a long form piece about a baseball game (or two). Thereís this incredible website called Retrosheet that has a goal of compiling the box score and play by play for every major league game, ever. Right now theyíve gone back to 1959, and have play by play narratives for many of the games as well. I am thinking about writing some of those games up here, but thatís for the lazy summertime, when itís more like baseball season.

Besides, the Cubs usually give me a few panic attacks all season long, so why write about the pain and angst when youíll experience it first hand? Why share the pain, the gloom, the suffering.

(Meanwhile, City Mouse and her Red Sox Ė sheís STILL gloating. Ah, well!)

I could always turn to my stand by Ė the 20 random iPod tunes. Ah, but right now Iím finishing a mix for Judith and itís almost done, but I keep finding a song that I need to move, since Iím a perfectionist. Besides, I donít want to ALWAYS play the iPod card, and I do have four or five more mixes that I need to do song selection on while Iím in Baltimore, so there will be time for that later.

(However, the live version of ďBack In FleshĒ by Wall of Voodoo is in my ears right now. Itís grooviní!)

I have almost decided the winner in my template contest, but itís not the 15th yet and thereís still time. I donít want to jump the gun! (But the design is super-duper cool!)

I could wish people that I know well, hope theyíre feeling better after being sick, or hope that they donít get sick. I could say that I hope I receive a phone call from a great friend who couldnít call last night as she was trying to avoid getting the epizootic herself.

I could, but I just did, and you saw how much room that took up, right?

Then why write when the white page stares at you?

Well, for me, itís a habit now. Five or six days a week, write a few dozen (dozen?) (Iím heckling myself Ė how lame) words and post them. Itís making me a better writer and communicator in general.

The white page isnít scary. Itís not depressing. It just is Ė it is its own entity. So Iím not intimidated by the white page.

Iím just not used to the white page phenomenon.

Momma said there would be days like this. Itís a nice, unremarkable day here in the heartland. My friends like me, and I like my friends. (Wow, is that corny!) Thereís soccer tonight, and Liz has a meeting so I have to feed the kids and put them to bed. Iím sure thatís fodder for something tomorrow Ė just not today.

But as you can see, Iíve muddled through and written about the white page. Just by writing about not being able to write, Iíve successfully written and wasted everyoneís time. Of course, thatís my goal in life, to be the #1 waster of everyoneís time, everywhere!

I think there is a message here, and the message is WRITE people! Because I want to waste my time reading your pages, too.

And Vicki, that goes double for you!


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