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10:04 a.m. - April 03, 2006
DST and Other Randomness
Well, it came and it went.

And life moved on, as normal.

Yes, Indiana finally joined the rest of the civilized world, as they now observe Daylight Savings Time.

I wrote about it here, a good long while before the day actually came when we had to change clocks.

Things never slowed down, either. People complained and moaned all the way to Saturday.

First off, the Governor messed up when he didn’t declare that he wanted Indiana to all be in one time zone, Central Time. That was his preference, and I think the preference of many people in this state. Sure, there are pockets around Cincinnati and Louisville that would have preferred Eastern, and the golf course owners would have loved Eastern Time.

But the world doesn’t revolve around the golf course.

But the Governor didn’t say anything, just requested that the Feds look into it. So the Feds decided to let each COUNTY decide.

Then they assigned time zones.

Of course, some counties that wanted Central time now have buyer’s remorse when they did get moved to Central time. And now, they’re on Central when a neighboring county is on Eastern.

But people, come on. Many other states have multiple time zones and they deal with it. It just takes a little math and common sense.

Saturday night, before we all went to bed, Liz and I went around and changed all of the clocks. I also made sure the computer and the TiVo were set to accept daylight savings time. We also let Katie change her clock in her room.

Then I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.

Sunday morning came too quickly. Of course Katie bounded into our room at 7:30, and of course that felt like 6:30 to us. We muddled through, though and made it to church on time.

Everything was going well during the day, and we had important shows to TiVo on Sunday, and it was going swimmingly.

That is, until the power went out – taking with it about a six or seven minute chunk out of the Sopranos, and it was an important chunk, too, as I was a bit lost in continuity. But I had it re-recorded so I’ll watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

But that also meant we had to reset all of our clocks.

This morning, though, I was all kinds of out-of-sorts. It was pretty dark before 7:00, and I didn’t know if that was due to the time change or the fact that it’s dark and rainy and dreary. Then, as the coffee was brewing…

ZAM! The power goes off again, and it stays off for a while.

So I had to go upstairs and get ready in the gloaming. It was kind of weird, really. I didn’t shave because of the light, though. I didn’t want to take that chance, so I’m scruffin’ it today.

But all in all, except for the weather, the change to DST went off without a hitch, at least here. The clocks have been moved, and we’re on the same time as New York, one hour ahead of Chicago.

Oh, the sucky thing, though, is that my in-laws are all in Arizona. Arizona still doesn’t observe DST, so we’re now 3 hours ahead of them.

I can just imagine the phone ringing at 11:00 at night…argh!


Dear AARP,

You know, you’re a fine organization and all, and thankfully you, unlike the VFW, know that Liz and I aren’t eligible for membership yet. So we appreciate that, we really do.

But there’s one thing that I don’t quite understand.

My father-in-law died in June of 2002. Now, I remember someone (was it Snow White, or Liz or one of her sisters) calling your fine organization and telling someone that he’s deceased.

I remember sending mail back to you when it was forwarded to our house in Zionsville, telling you that he’s deceased.

I remember seeing Liz well up with tears at times when she received a letter from you with her father’s name on it, because she missed her Dad. (She still does…)

It’s funny, as he hasn’t paid membership dues or anything for three years. You’d think you’d get a clue.

Now Saturday I get the mail, and the first thing I see is a letter from you, addressed to my late father-in-law.

To paraphrase Chevy Chase, “He’s STILL dead.”


It’s funny how things work out.

There was a mix-up at church. Our pastor was out, and one of the ladies of the church spoke in his place. I was signed up to be the liturgist, and last week I got a call from the church secretary saying that she actually wanted a woman to be liturgist with her. Whatever, I can deal with it.

Now I talked to the lady who was speaking the previous Sunday, and she was excited that I was going to be the liturgist. And when she found out about the change, she called me and apologized.

I said it was no problem. It turns out that the fill-in told someone to find her a liturgist “like you” and the other lady thought she asked her specifically to be the liturgist.

Ain’t no thing.

Besides, I got bumped to Easter Sunday! Ma, I’ve hit the big time!

(Now, we do a sunrise service on Easter Sunday, I may have to do that as well – oh, well – no partying that Saturday then…)


One final question on a gloomy Monday and I’m going to rip this right from John Fogerty.

“And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain???”


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