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8:26 a.m. - March 20, 2006
A Sunny Sunday With Sunny People
Damn them! Damn them to hell!!!


Why Vicki and Zon of course.

And the reason is??

They cajoled and prodded and begged and pleaded with me to join MySpace thatís why.

Of course, it was the only way to get two attractive women in my hotel room without paying them. Heh.

Oh, mind you, I was on the computer listening to my iPod when they were in here, but stillÖ

(Now that fits with the essence oí Smed, right?)

Anyway, yesterday was a blast, a total delight.

We walked from our hotel to the zoo, and ate at the Zoo Grill, which had a great, outstanding bacon cheeseburger. It was one of those thick ones and Iím still tasting it. Yum!

(We decided not to go into the zoo, though. Maybe another time.)

Thatís when the browbeating and the heckling about MySpace commenced. So, we walked back here and I signed up under penalty of death.

Then we went downstairs for drinks.

(Idiot, itís the other way around Ė first you get them drunk THEN they go up to your room. Heh Ė oops!)

At times, I felt like one of the girls Ė but thatís only because Iím pretty. (Iím kidding!) We talked about this and that and the other things and about writing and work and relationships and kids and birds. It was a veritable plethora of conversations, and all of it was fun and funny and witty.

I also gave Zon her mix CDs and I know sheís rocking to them right now. Just make sure you donít play ďThe PresidentĒ by King Missile too loud.

The time just flew by Ė it really did. It was almost too short. But they needed to get going and I needed to get going. There will be Baltimore, in April, for more tom-foolery with that crowd. Iím stoked Ė mega stoked.

I attended a welcome reception for the conference as well. It was really nice seeing all my old data geek buddies and talked about what the heck went on during the past year. The thing is, though, that the drinks at the reception are more expensive than the drinks in the hotel bar.

ThatÖthat ainít right.

I talked to Rachel last night after North Carolina lost, just to make sure she wasnít on a building ledge. She wasnít Ė but she was getting ready to lead her youth group. I wonder if the lesson was about not underestimating a lesser seed?

I am missing Liz and the kids terribly, though. Katie talked to me yesterday about her new Easter dress and how pretty she is and how we will need to take Kristinís back because it doesnít quite fit and doesnít look that good.

Liz is managing, even though she has a cold. It tears at me to hear her like that when sheís being a single parent for almost a week. Alas, some of these things canít be helped. Damn work thing.

I was also happy that I got a couple of ideas for a new template here. Thanks to the Queen of Tart for hers! Remember, click back a few if you want to help this html-idiot out!

And now the cold reality of the morning sets in.

When I walked into the shower, I was blasted in the noggin with cold, cold water, because the little lever was flipped over to shower instead of tub. I did NOT need that.

And then I just spent five minutes looking for my glasses, in the bathroom. I guess I needed to have my glasses ON to find them.

My lower back is sore Ė it has been for a few days and now itís really tightened up. Ouch. I think the airplane and walking around and the bed are doing a number on it.

Right now I need to get some clothes on and go forage for breakfast, and read the paper, and get ready for the sessions. Iím presenting today at 3:00, so I need to get ready for that as well.

So, if you are on that infernal MySpace, and you have not befriended me yet, please, do so. I beg of you! I am pathetic and sad and need all the help I can get.

And I think closing this writeup like that shows how pathetic and sad I am.


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