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12:00 p.m. - March 02, 2006
In Threes? Perhaps Divisible By Three
For one, thanks for all of the comments and notes. As soon as I wrote and posted it, I felt better. It was catharsis. My mind started to ease up, and I realized that I’m a lot harder on myself than I should be. I also realized that I keep remembering long buried skeletons in my closet that have no relevance to the present time or place.

I mean, why beat yourself up for things that happened 10 to 15 years ago?

Yet again, gentle, dear and kind readers my planned essays will take a back seat. Because my real life (as opposed to my so-called internet life) can make for some stimulating writing on occasion.

Either that, or I’m too tired to put together well thought out thoughts and ideas. Hell, I think I’m too tired to conjugate verbs, or come up with a decent predicate.

(Odds are it’s the latter.)

So after I wallowed in my own squalor, and started reading comments and notes, I felt better. I had a good workout on the basketball court, and by good I mean I worked my ass off. When 40-year old slow, chunky me has to guard the starting tailback from the football team for two games, you know you’re getting a workout.

Even the news that I didn’t get the job as the men’s softball supervisor didn’t sting, because I realized that the time commitment would be a killer, and Katie is going to start playing soccer this spring and I need to be THERE, not watching dudes play softball every night.

So I was actually relieved I didn’t get it. It now allows us to travel, and I may be able to do some additional traveling for work, perhaps down south or up north.

I then went to the store to get formula, chicken for dinner and some wine.

When I went home, all seemed to be well. No rows about girl scout cookies. Hugs and kisses from everyone and to everyone!

However, bad things do come in threes.

Late last night, while I was on the computer, involved in a discussion or two (lots of message board traffic, etc.) I needed to go downstairs and I tripped carrying a glass of wine down the back stairs.


Wine, everywhere.

It went on the white walls, on the white z-brick, and the carpet, which was steam cleaned three weeks ago.

I tried to clean it up – but I was tired – and not thinking straight.

This morning, I got a “why didn’t you wake me up” lecture.

Ah, well, you see, when it’s past midnight and your husband is an idiot….

So, some repainting will need to be done. Sigh. Liz, while not happy, understands she married a total klutz. (On our first three dates, wine was spilled each time, and she’s also a klutz at times. Yet another reason we’re a good match. I think that’s reason 19,129!)

Then this morning, at work, I got a cuppa joe (decaf, of course, sigh) and I put my travel mug, with a top on it, on a coaster.

I must have jolted it a bit because the next thing I new, a torrent of coffee spilled onto my mouse.

That rendered it basically inoperable, and basically rendered me inoperable for the morning, as I had to get to the dentist by 9:30.

To kill time, I left a voice mail to a friend, who knew about the wine incident, saying what a total bonehead I was. I can just imagine the reply.

Fortunately, Computer Services was Johnny on the spot and dropped a new mouse over in time for me to check email one last time.

Then, it was time to go on to the dentist. Who-hoo!

Unlike last time, I wasn’t the second coming of Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder. In case you don’t get that ultra-obscure sports reference, click here, and you’ll realize that he was basically Rocky.

Well, at least the GOOD Rocky movie.

I did get the “you need to floss more lecture” but my bleeding wasn’t so bad this time. However, the dentist came in and spotted a small little cavity.

So on Monday, the 13th, I get to go get that filled. Let me hear a “yippy skippy” from the people! Thank you brothers and sisters!

I went out and told Liz about the cavity and said how bad things came in threes, because of the coffee incident.

At the dentist, Liz and I tag team on watching Kristin. But I needed to get some reading done before my two meetings this afternoon. So I brought Kristin back to the office, and got my reading done while she was snacking on some formula, then napping on my shoulder.

Liz showed up to grab Kristin, and said that, she too had a cavity, so there’s no gloating.

Now, according to my count of bad things happening to us:

1. I didn’t get the men’s softball job (bad, but not totally bad).
2. I spilled wine which will cause Liz to do some touch up painting (bad, very bad).
3. I spilled coffee all over my mouse at work, ruining it (bad, yet funny. Laugh it up!)
4. I have a cavity
5. Liz has a cavity

Tonight, we have a father-daugther dinner and program at preschool. I hope #6 (the second three) doesn’t come then. The digital camera had better work, by gum. I’m going to make sure I have batteries, etc.

Hey, wait, I made a haircut appointment on Saturday, and I made it as early as I could, but not as early as Liz would like, since she’ll now have to delay her trip to Costco, etc.

I’m going to count that as a bad thing, and call the cycle complete!


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