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9:29 a.m. - February 21, 2006
The Smoking Gun Reveals A Fool
Oh, my freakiní God.

(The following link is, well, not for the squeamish. I mean, itís not gross or anything. Itís just ratherÖwellÖI canít really say it. Just click on it.)

Ladies, just feast your eyes on this contract this bozo tried to enforce with his wife.

Mr. Owl, how many shots to the head would I have taken if I had tried something like this with Liz?

Letís find outÖ

Three! (CLUNK Ė Smed is out cold!)


You know, itís one thing to do something like this when itís consensual and youíre into it, but by all accounts and purposes, she wasnít into it. Thatís why heís up for kidnapping charges!

And how much you wanna bet that this bozo tries to get some strange every time heís out of town on business??

It only reinforced that marriage is a partnership, where the terms are negotiated by the parties to their satisfaction. And if someone is unhappy with the terms of the partnership, they can opt to renegotiate.

I donít want to get started on the whole gay marriage thing. I donít want to get into the politics, but where are the televangelists decrying THIS clown as threatening the sanctity of marriage? Hello, hypocrite? This is God calling, and we have a nice room reserved for YOU in the garden level.

Itís not my business to tell anyone how to live their life or their marriage. Some folks are very traditional Ė some not so traditional. And if everyone is happy and healthy they can do what they want. If they want to each drink tequila off of a stripperís belly button, thatís fine (just not in front of the kids, OK?).

I wish everyone had the strength and the courage to do what this woman did, and call the cops on this nutjob. Sadly, though, not enough think they do.

This is why you need to volunteer to help out at your local crisis shelters.


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