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2:10 p.m. - February 20, 2006
Google Me This!
As many of you know, I’m a stats junkie.

It all started back when I was six, and I got my first package of baseball cards. Sure, the pictures of the players were nice, but the numbers on the back, that was where heaven was.

Then I started reading the sports pages, including the agate type and box scores of basketball and baseball games, so I knew what this meant:

Fzone 1b 3 0 0 1

As well as this:

McGinnis 37 5-13 1-2 3-4 4 14 5 1 3

Of course, being me, I gravitated to the basketball players who would gather these lines in the 97-53 blowout wins:

Allen 2 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0

Here on my place, we are provided with stats on page views, buddies, etc. I can tell you right now that I have 98 D-land buddies (there are some dupes from people who control two screen names, so I think I have 94 separate buds, so I’m looking for six more D-land buddies to make a legit 100 – tell your friends and neighbors that the 100th buddy will get something cool) and others on my notify list, so I average about 100-125 page hits a day on the days I update.

(Not bragging, just the facts, Jack…)

But the place I always wander is the spot where it says “referrals” and that’s where I discover where people from outside my sphere of influence find me, and it’s always interesting.

Some people find me from comments, or links, on other people’s sites, which are great. It makes you realize that it’s six degrees of separation here at D-land or Blogger or wherever.

I am truly fascinated by how people find this place through internet searches and how high up my site is on some searches through Google, or Yahoo, or Netscape, even.

The majority of my searches have come from this essay I wrote on my “Iron Chef Breakfast”. If you haven’t read it, do so, because I think it’s clever. I mention real folks from the Iron Chef, including the typical actress babe, and it seems like I get three to five hits a week, and more on some weeks from people Googling her. I think it all depends on what episode is airing on the food network.

Recently, I have had at least 10 hits on the phrase “curling babes”, which is funny that it’s so high up on the list already and that people would click on my place for that phrase, when it’s painfully obvious that there are no pictures of curling babes anywhere to be found (well, except for the Russian skip).

The name I use, “Smed’s Corner” gets some hits. Actually, it’s “Smed” that gets the hits. Who would have guessed that my shortened college nickname actually mean “Single Minute Exchange of Die” and who would have guessed that people looking for information on that would deign to click on my site of useless dribblings and palaver?

In fact, SMED has its own Wikipedia entry. Me? Not so much. (YET! Bwah-hah-hah-hah!)

Then of course, there’s this general, who I think is an interesting namesake for me. Of I am an interesting namesake of him, whatever. Anyway, there it is.

Someone googled my site looking for “Smed game” – which obviously relates to that exchange of die thing deal bit, not any fun and games I am responsible for. And yet, there’s a damn Foreigner song I can’t get out of my head when I see the phrase “Smed game.”

Moving along…some one from Hungary (using Hungarian google) hit my site searching for “Mr. Hilter”, from my Monty Python quiz.

Another big hit is on “Chlomed”, which is in a few essays that I talk about how Liz and I became parents. (I think from this one). Of course, I misspelled it. It’s actually “Clomid”.

Of course, there go more hits! Hello, everyone!

I get a few hits for “Dead Man Coughing”, as people are searching the lyrics for that. This is from the great CD chain mix that the Heeland Lass sent me. I think the lyrics to that song must be pretty shy, because I get a hit or two a week from it.

I’ve had a couple of hits from these phrases lately:

“Them are some thick glasses are you blind?”
“We both wear bi-focals 2006”
“Bifocals Diaryland 2006”

To be honest, as I have no reason why they would choose to click on this one in search of those words and phrases and clauses. I mean that’s not MY function is it?

Other random searches the past week:

“Jack Trudeau wife” – is some stalker wanting to ogle wives of mediocre (at best) ex-Colts QBs?
“Lido Shuffle mp3” – sorry not selling them here.
“Damon Bailey” – of all of the sites that have his name, they chose mine? I guess the snippet was intriguing enough.
“Kristin Biggie” – I think she’s an athlete of some sort and type.

Well, I probably just caused my Google hits to increase thanks to including them here, but that’s OK. Everyone is welcome here. Have a beer, but just remember, I am a member of the reciprocal beer league. You’d better not have an empty fridge, or we’re going to have trouble (or at least make a run to go get some!)


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