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2:19 p.m. - February 17, 2006
You know the phrase “I’m going through a period of transition.”

It seems like that’s an excuse for a lot of people to do or say certain things they wouldn’t do or say.

And, may I add, it’s a bogus phrase.


Everyone is going through a period of transition every day in their lives.

Think about it.

Each day is something new and fresh – each day something happens. Even routine days aren’t routine considering what all goes on in those days. Something inevitably happens that is different than other days and perhaps leads to something else. It may be small, but over time those changes may be dramatic.

For you long timers, what were you doing in your job 5 or 10 years ago that is different now? Heck, what were you doing 6 months ago? I bet, if you think about it, some aspect has changed, ever so slightly. Even if it’s what you bring to lunch, or what coffee cup you drink out of each day.

Every day is new for Kristin – she’s almost crawling and almost has her teeth in. Each day is a step closer. Those are big time transitions for her right now.

Every day is new for Katie – she’s learning so much at school. She knows her letters and can spell some simple words, like “Boots”. A new day means a new learning experience, and a new transition in life.

Last year at this time I wasn’t even thinking of having a second child. We had just moved into town. I wasn’t writing this thing, and I wasn’t covering games for the local paper. I was just living and working and being a husband and a dad.

I didn’t know most of you lovely people existed. I didn’t know I had it in me to write this well so people would read it. I grew close to some friends that I new slightly, or peripherally, from work.

Liz was getting used to being a stay at home, trying to get used to almost doubling our square footage, trying to get used to life her in small-town Indiana.

Katie wasn’t in day care anymore, and she had just started to take dance classes.

One year later, it’s all different for us.

And I’m sure it will be different next year, too. It’ll be different three months from now.

I examined people in my life, both near and far. One person I know is going through a divorce. A couple I know is expecting their first child. A dear friend changed jobs, going from a county job to private practice. Another dear friend quit her job and decided to work at home. I found someone I knew 15 years ago. Another friend has become eerily silent, and I hope she’s OK.

Liz’s family is also transition through things on a daily basis. Liz herself is moving, as soon she’ll be on the board for the local League of Women Voters (Motto: “We go to the drainage board meetings so you don’t have to.”) and that will probably mean more meetings for her – which changes our dynamic at home.

Last night, I had to put the kids to bed as Liz was at a meeting, and you learn so much from them, and so much about yourself, when you do that alone. It’s always a learning experience, let me tell you, when one has to corral two without too much turmoil or tears.

Around here, in internet land, there are changes going on every day. Some minor, some major, some are jarring. It’s really an eye opener to read someone that has decided to shut down for a while because of personal issues. It’s happy to read when someone has found someone new to play with.

In fact, today, I just sent an email to someone detailing some private thoughts that I didn’t know I had, or had the guts to tell anyone, until I hit the send button.

I know this is short, but that phrase, “period of transition” just stuck with me.

In my eyes, there is no period. Transition is a daily thing. Embrace it and live it.


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