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2:44 p.m. - February 14, 2006
The Rockin' Soundtrack - Songs Inspired By The Serial
As you know (well, maybe, OK maybe you don’t know but pretend like you do), I’ve been cast in an online soap opera called Rockin’ starring a bunch of other nefarious characters around these parts. It’s a fun read and I look forward to many more seasons to come. Especially if the Tart is involved with me. Heh!

(Note: Liz, I’m ACTING! And it’s not even ME! It’s an online persona! And she’s overt in the UK. Yes, dear, I’ll be a good boy tonight for Valentine’s Day…)

Anyway, the auteur, who is a rockin’ dude (right Smash?) deserves some mix CDs like others have received. And well, what better way to make HIM mixes than to create a soundtrack for the Soap. So, while the CDs have been mailed off across the pond, I’m here as SmedCo presents:

Rockin’ – The Soundtrack

Six CDs and 99 tracks that somehow tell the story, somehow underpin the story, somehow augment and enhance the story, and somehow just are the story itself.

And with no further ado, here they are:

Rockin’ – Characters

This disc contains songs that reminded me of the various and sundry characters roaming around Rockin’.

Who Do You Love - The Woolies
The Innocent - Drivin 'N' Cryin
Carnation - The Jam
White Lies - Jason & The Scorchers
Born Annoying - Helmet
Devil with the Green Eyes - Matthew Sweet
I'm Not a Loser - Descendents
Not The Same - Ben Folds
Tiffany Queen - The Byrds
Sweet Mary - Wadsworth Mansion
Deceiver - The Beat Farmers
Stranger in My Own Home Town - Elvis Presley
Money Won't Change You - James Brown
Son of Mustang Ford - Swervedriver
She's About A Mover - Sir Douglas Quintet
Bad Times - Lubricated Goat
You Ain't Tuff - The Uniques
Whiskey'n Mama - ZZ Top
Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard - John Prine

Rockin’ – Love

Love, exciting and new, and there’s a lot of lovin’ going on in the soap. (Not off camera, of course – we’re all professionals here!) These tunes, I believe, illustrate all of the facets of the romantic relationships that take place in the story line.

Darlin' Be Home Soon - The Association
Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
Beg, Borrow, And Steal - The Rare Breed
Love Lies Dying - The Del Lords
Loved One's Lies - Jupiter Affect
Where Is the Love? - Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack
I'll Be Gone - Dwight Yoakam
To Look At You - INXS
I'm In Love With A Girl - Big Star
Sweet City Woman - Stampeders
Battle of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five
Glad Girls - Guided By Voices
Mind Talking - Arson Garden
You're No Good - Betty Everett
T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. - Bobby Patterson
Sorry - Easybeats
One Of These Days - Camper Van Beethoven
Bellybone - Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
Waiting For The Sun - The Jayhawks
Love's My Only Crime - Laughing Hyenas
Stop - Get A Ticket - Clefs Of Lavender Hill

Rockin’ – Moods

These songs evoke a mood or a feeling that is prevalent in several scenes and can be thought of as background mood music, in a sense. At times, it’s just an instrumental snippet, a specific part of the song. Others could be the opening and closing themes for episodes.

Bombastic Intro - Big Black
Static - Jawbox
I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby - Captain Beefheart
Desert Sea - Jawbox
Little Johnny Jewel - Television
I Walk On Guilded Splinters - Dr. John
That's What You Always Say - Dream Syndicate
These Are the Fables - The New Pornographers
The Cheater - Bob Kuban And The In-Men
Handshake Drugs - Wilco
Fruit And Icebergs - Blue Cheer
Brighton Rock - Queen
I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) - James Brown

Rockin’ – Scenes

Every time I read the serial, songs come into my head that can illustrate a scene. Sometimes it’s just a brief snippet, again, and some of these are a bit anachronistic to a show called “Rockin’” – but rockin’ takes all shapes and colors.

Run, Run, Run - The Gestures
Dizz Knee Land - Dada
Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang
Same Old Scene - Roxy Music
Sex With You - King Missile
Nausea - X
Flaming Telepaths / Astronomy - Blue Öyster Cult
Randy Described Eternity - Built To Spill
We Danced Anyway - Deana Carter
Just A Job To Do - Genesis
Who's Making Love - Johnnie Taylor
Hang 'Em High - Van Halen
Oddfellows Local 151 - R.E.M.
Kerosene - The Bottle Rockets

Rockin’ – Scenes II

I couldn’t stop at just one of these. The same premise applies; these songs are evocative enough to marry them up with a scene or two in the serial – even perhaps interludes between scenes.

Private Lives - Ultravox
Imposters Of Life's Magazine - The Idle Race
Build A Fire - Drivin 'N' Cryin
Slow Dog - Belly
Heart Of The City - Nick Lowe
From Blown Speakers - The New Pornographers
Nucleus - Acid Green
Mic Check, Chin Check - Birdmen of Alcatraz
Wound Up - Black Flag
Still Wishing to Course - Camper Van Beethoven
Corduroy - Pearl Jam
Route - Son Volt
From The Curve - Superchunk
Black Top - Helmet
Yours Is No Disgrace - Yes

Rockin’ – Vices

Of course, there are plenty of vices to go around – and here are some songs that show off those vices in all of their glory.

Hit Liquor - Shudder To Think
By The Devil (I Was Tempted) - Blue Mink
Devil Song - Camper Van Beethoven
A Drug Against War - KMFDM
Drug Girls - Velocity Girl
Slow Suicide - Blue Mountain
You Should Be High Love - Billy Squier
Snowblind - Black Sabbath
Lust For Kicks - The Cars
Sweet Troubled Soul - Stellastarr*
I Want to Take You Higher - Sly & the Family Stone
A Girl Named Sandoz - Eric Burdon & The Animals
Surprise! You're Dead! - Faith No More
Evil - Interpol
El Diablo - ZZ Top
The Bomber - James Gang
Artificial Energy - The Byrds

That’s right, 99 cuts of rockin’ good material. There’s some country, some obscure garage band, some silly little hits from the 70’s, some Indianapolis artists (Arson Garden, Acid Green, Birdmen of Alcatraz) that maybe 8 people in the world know about, some new stuff, a lot of old stuff, and some stuff that may surprise you. But it all fits in this great big giant world of “Rockin’!”

Now if only Mary Hart would come by – I could give her an exclusive copy!

(Along with you…)


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