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9:31 a.m. - February 03, 2006
More Randomness
It’s a Friday in February here in the heartland, but instead of snow on the ground there’s a cold, drizzly, rain falling. Ah, the random weather generator has hit on ‘miserable’. So to combat that, here are some random thoughts popping through my head and some random things going on here in the Smed household, BFE Land, USA.


Yesterday Katie was kind of a pill towards Kristin and at one point just up and shouted at her, close range. Liz said, “Katie, don’t yell in your sister’s ear.”

Katie’s response, “I wasn’t yelling in her ear. I was yelling in her belly button.”

Katie also ‘borrowed’ her friend Rafael’s sunglasses for a week. They have been returned, but I talked to Rafael’s dad (who is a professor here at the College) and he was surprised that his son was so generous with his sunglasses. Hmmm….


I saw this article whilst cruising the Indianapolis Star website. Some bright entrepreneur has decided to bring the Hooters’ experience (minus the greasy fingers) to haircuts.

Now, it’s based on a chain that is open in Utah of all places.

As a man of the male persuasion, who has no problem with beautiful women, I’d have to say that I’m skeptical of this idea.

For one, many men prefer to use an old fashioned barber, like me. For two, I want to be sure the haircut is done right. Bad haircuts can ruin a man’s psyche just like a woman’s. When I decided to go with a short, and sweet, hairstyle I stopped going to a ‘stylist’ because it made no sense.

My barber just raised his prices. It costs me $12 to get my haircut every six weeks. At that Bikinicuts place, its $30, at least, and you know what, with my hair, that’s just not cost effective. And I bet that place doesn’t use warm lather to shave the back of your head to make the back and sides just perfect. The feeling of warm lather on the nape of your neck is divine.

(BTW – I have never really understood the total appeal of Hooters’, and no I’m not ‘that way’ – not that there’s anything wrong with that. The wings are good, but overpriced, like the beer, and the women there are being nice to you because they get tips, not because they like you. So that scantily clad woman in the halter top with medieval cleavage isn’t warm for your form – she wants a 25% tip, dude. Oh, and dude, that wings sauce will stain. Just sayin’…)


Saw the first episode of the new ‘Survivor’ last night. At least they’ve shaken things up with the whole “Exile Island” thing. They also separated the tribes into foursomes, instead of having two tribes, and separated them by age and gender. That’s not going to last very long, though, because as soon as one gets to two you have to merge, somehow.

One of the women is a “Fire Dancer”. Yeah, whatever that is. One of the young women is a missile engineer, and I think we’re all lucky that Survivor isn’t in 3-D, as one of the other women could put an eye out with her….tracts of land. And one of the older guys is a three-pack a day smoker, who is already jonesin’ for some nicotine. Hey idiot, you may have wanted to wean yourself down before you got on the plane to Panama.

I really like the Asian Karate Instructor who seems to know his way around a machete, and the others I really don’t have a feeling for, yet. So this ought to be interesting.


A dear friend emailed me something her son said. (Her song is just a bit older than Katie).

“You can’t really build a castle out of bacon because it’s too slippery.”

Ah, the ol’ slippery bacon. But admit it, a castle out of bacon wouldn’t last long, because I’d eat the darn thing.

I sent her a note back about how yummy it would be and she said:

“You’d love it, especially if it had a Mountain Dew moat.”

She knows me too well…all too well.


As you know, I’m back to covering high school sports here in the heartland. (Hey, I get paid to watch basketball, so it can’t be that bad at all). My high school alma mater’s girls’ team is having a great season, and they have a chance to finish the regular season at 15-5 tonight.

I’ve known the coach for a while. He and I are on the same softball team and his daughter and my Katie are good friends. He’s also the best quote of any of the local coaches.

But he has a tendency to say some interesting things.

This team is mainly composed of freshmen and sophomores (so they’re good AND young) and they know how to play the game well even at their tender age. But he has a tendency to say things like:

“She’s a baller!”

I know what he’s TRYING to say – that she’s a heck of a basketball player and has both an instinct for the game and the athletic ability. But calling a 14-year old girl a ‘baller’? Forgive me if I alter that quote just a bit for the public!


I want to thank everyone for their replies regarding the situation from the other day. I’m glad so many people are on the same page.


What is the song going through my head right now? Why it’s “Tighter and Tighter” by Alive and Kicking.

It’s a classic pop gem from 1970, co-written by Tommy James. It hit number seven on the pop charts that year.

Make it stop.


This weekend I’m going to post my Super Bowl pick. I just found out that my oldest great niece is having her birthday party at 3:00 that same day. However, I was told that I had a free pass, as she’s now 10 and basically just wants to be with her friends (oh, and Katie and Kristin). So I’m going to the local party early to make sure my chili is ready. I’ll post my chili formula when I make my Super Bowl pick. It’s scrumptious and has a kick as well.


I leave you with this story from Katie’s Montessori teacher.

Katie had a problem with a boy that shoved her a bit when they were doing an activity, so Katie told the teacher. The teacher said the best thing to do is to go talk to the boy and explain that what he did wasn’t right and it hurt her feelings. Makes sense to me.

So Katie did that. She went on for a long time about how what he did was bad, and why he shouldn’t do it. It was like a five-minute monologue. The teacher said the boy was getting antsy and fidgety during this discussion.

Finally Katie wraps it up, and after a pause, says to the boy:

“You need to respect the words I just told you.”

Right on!


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