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2:52 p.m. - December 26, 2005
The Christmas Hangover
Well, it’s the day after Christmas, and the house definitely has a post-Christmas hangover.

There are toys and gift strewn most everywhere.

Everyone has gained about 10 pounds after the brunch, the turkey, and the candy (amongst other things).

Topped that with a six month old that has decided to alter her sleep schedule without consulting the proper authorities, you have a definite case for post-Christmas hangover.

Sleepy? Yep. All of us are sleepy – well except for Kristin (and Katie on occasion, especially after more Hershey’s kisses).

Cranky? Yep. Being tired means you don’t have the energy to really tidy up the house, and that makes me cranky. Plus, the girls have new toys, sure, but where to put said toys is the big question mark. Especially the Pet Doctor Barbie that we gave Katie as it’s got lots of little parts to it that could be hazardous for Kristin.

(Yes, we gave Katie a Barbie – but it’s a Barbie with a terminal degree, you know. Sow she’s got some brains, unlike Boyfriend Stealing Barbie or Shopaholic Barbie, accessories sold separately).

Lazy? Yep. I’m so lazy right now I don’t even want to take a nap. I really just tried but it seemed like too much effort to stay settled in the bedroom. That and perhaps the cat jumping on my chest repeatedly took the bloom off of the nap rose.

Just a hunka hunka burnin’ ennui here.

The Christmas Eve brunch was good – everyone always forgets how I make eggs (with my secret ingredient parmesan cheese) but everyone eats ‘em all up. Presents were exchanged and Kristin and Katie definitely got their fair share.

Then we had the chicken and noodles I made for dinner that night. I felt like a definite chef, cooking all day for the fam. Well, at least a Hoosier chef. I wasn’t making pate or anything fancy-schmancy, just good eatin’. Yum!

We gave the girls one of their presents early – some Christmas jammies so they could wear them to see the booty Santa gave them. We had to tell Katie to go to bed to be sure that Santa came.

She came downstairs while we were putting the stockings on the mantle. Fortunately, Santa hadn’t made his delivery yet, otherwise the surprise would have been lost. Katie did see that there were stockings for everyone, even Butch and Sundance. Santa brought them new collars for Christmas. They were whelmed.

After Santa came, Liz and I shared some bubbly to celebrate our nuptials and watched one of our favorite movies.

Yes, it’s “Double Indemnity” with Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson. It’s a definite classic of the genre. And with that – Liz decided she had enough excitement and saddled me with Kristin. Fortunately, Kristin decided that a 12:30 bedtime was fine.

On Christmas, at the appropriate time, Katie bounded downstairs and was surprised by her Barbie and some other neat stuff, like the Hello Kitty stamp pad.

I’m living in terror now to see Hello Kitty stamps all over my magazines before I have a chance to read them.

Liz liked her presents that I got her, so I felt like I won some points there.

Kristin was still snoozing away, so we didn’t want to wake her. Her presents could wait until after church, because she just doesn’t know the difference anyway. She got some definite age appropriate toys which now made me think about digging out the baby toys that Katie has in her toy box, though that may get to be a bit territorial.

Football was watched, turkey was eaten, and people were put to bed. But then Kristin decided to wake up at 11:30 and it took until 1 to get her to bed.

Then Kristin woke up at 5. Liz drew that duty but went back to sleep when Kristin did at around 6:30. So now we’re all off sleep schedule, except for Katie. So she bounded into our room at 7:30 wanted to watch TV. We held out until past 8 but it was of no use. Sigh.

Due to the sleeplessness I think my mind has become duller. I forgot that the recycling place and post office were closed today – so the back of my CR-V has a bunch of cardboard boxes and magazines to recycle, plus I have two things to mail.

So now I have sleep in my eyes, ennui on the brain, and Swiss Steak to cook, and I definitely have a Christmas hangover.

Tomorrow brings another work week (a whole three days, but it is our busiest time of the year) and I’m just not that all fired up about it. But one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do – even if it is verifying names and addresses to make sure the database is updated before the phonathon starts in January.

Oh, my sexy, exciting job and life.

Anyway, as I search for the Christmas Hangover cure (is it the Motor City Bowl, or another Labatt’s blue) I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday and if you are continuing your celebrations, hope they are loads of fun.


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