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9:38 a.m. - December 10, 2005
No Time Left For a Title
You ever have the feeling that you over-scheduled yourself?

(Can I have a show of hands? All of you? Ok!)

Well, this weekend is definitely that.

Friday night there was a Wabash home basketball game and since Im now the computer operator for the stats crew I had to be there.

Saturday, I told Katie wed go to see the Crawfordsville girls play basketball in the afternoon, and shes all excited.

And then, I have to go right back to the high school to cover the boys basketball team for the paper.

Then, on Sunday, after church, its Katies fourth birthday party. (Mind you, her birthday isnt until Wednesday, but its a federal law that you have to have the birthday party on the weekend BEFORE the birthday).

Add to that a tree that needed trimming (and straightening), plus the normal effort that it takes to take care of a six-month old, and then add in the special guest star of a sinus infection for Liz.

(You know, a hacking cough is sexy. Hawking phlegm is sexier.)

Then, of course, the powers that be decided to add in 7 inches of snow Thursday night. That means that Katie wants to go play in the snow at some point. And I had to get out there around 6:30 to clear off the driveway and the sidewalk. There was fear and loathing when it took 10 minutes for the snow blower to start, otherwise it would have been a 2 hour job, and Id probably be face down in a big old drift.

Of course, there was work that needed to be done on Friday.

And we needed ice melt for our stairs and sidewalks, so that was a run to the hardware store.

And we needed formula for Kristin, and some rice cereal, since shell be starting on that now, so that was a run to the grocery store. (Our old pediatrician told us to not introduce cereal until the six month mark and then add in each food after four days first the cereals, then the veggies, then the fruits so we know what it is if shes allergic to something).

Oh, and Liz has a haircut appointment thrown in there, and then she has to go help decorate for the MOPS brunch.

And now we need bacon, wine, dish soap.

And I have a whole bunch of laundry to do; otherwise Im going to be wearing baseball jerseys and holey blue jeans to work on Monday.

And we need to make gift bags for the party.

And Kristin has grabbed my headphones off my ears three times. Uh, make it four.

And now shes pulling my face, and now make it five times.

So why am I writing.


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