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11:05 a.m. - November 20, 2005
Sicky Icky Icky
I knew I was a bit delirious this morning when I woke up at 4:30 from a dream and actually thought that I could suit up and play outside linebacker for a college football team.

Mind you, Iím 40 years old and havenít played football since sixth grade, and that I have never had any weight training at all Ė and need to drop about 10 pounds, again.

Mind you, Iím slow, and small.

Oh, and mind you, Iím 40.

But I finally caught IT Ė the creeping crud that has been going around. My throat is sore and I have a cough. I stayed home from church today, but my chance for a nap has been foiled because the house painters we hired to paint the windows and trim are here today, because the weather knocked them off schedule and may knock them back even farther.

This morning I was in agony Ė I was snoring (I think) and when I woke up from that dream my throat was 5-alarm raw. I was miserable and really wanted some OJ and about 35 shots of Chloraceptic. Alas, neither OJ nor green juice here in the house. Besides, I was really, really tired.

Then at 7:30 or so Katie waltzed into our bedroom and that meant I was awake, even though I wanted to sleep until, say, Tuesday or so.

Iím also in a funk because I canít find my clip on sunglasses Ė the ones that cost $100 or so and fit perfectly with my glasses. I think I left them at the basketball game on Friday or theyíre in my car somewhere, but I donít have the gumption to go find them right now.

(Aside from the glasses going AWOL Ė it was a good birthday on Friday. Because it was an incredibly busy sports weekend at the College, I was running the computer for the basketball tournament Ė and between games Sid came on the mike and announced it was my birthday, and then Liz came out and gave me another bouquet of black balloons).

All I want is a nap Ė and a throat that doesnít feel like Iíve smoked 428 unfiltered cigarettes washed down with a bottle of Old Grandad.

But this afternoon, there is the NFL. However, Liz needs to get some sewing done and some writing done for her MOPS newsletter, so I need to make sure Katie doesnít try to tear down the house piece by piece and make sure Kristin is happy and fed and changed.

So it wonít be totally restful, but Iíll give it a chance.

I am usually a healthy sort Ė I normally have only one cold a year that knocks me out for a day or two. Normally, since I talk a lot (NO, REALLY!) the cold winds up in my voice box and for about two to three days I have no voice. I guess thatís my penance for my loquacious self.

When I was a kid, though, I was rather sickly. I missed about six weeks of school in sixth grade with bronchitis (I got to take tests at home and passed with flying colors) Ė and in seventh grade I missed about two weeks.

But after that, I was pretty hale and healthy. In college, once, I was out of it for about a week with a bad fever. I actually stayed at home for that time (instead of in my room at the Delt house) but my girlfriend came over a couple times to comfort me and feed me chicken soup.

Then I had the chicken pox when I was 27, but that led to me meeting Liz, as you read here.

But aside from that and the one nagging cold per year, Iíve been illness free. Sure, Iíve got high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but at least I havenít had long bouts of the epizootic.

Knock on Z-Brick.

So as I sit here, thinking of going to the shower and trying to get myself some energy to go out and look for my sunglasses in my car, I think Iím lucky that I have my health, for the most part, and what I have now will just be a passing thing.

Besides, I am taking Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, and it would totally reek if I was sick on my days off. Thatís like being sick on a Saturday when you were in school Ė the worst feeling in the world.


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