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11:10 a.m. - November 11, 2005
Wabash Always Fights - Monon Bell 2005.
Tomorrow is THE day, the day Wabash College fans have been waiting for.

What is it you say?

Oh, itís just a little football game with DePauw University. For a bell Ė the Monon Bell.

It is probably, on its scale, the most heated rivalry in all of college football.

Why is that, you ask? These are two relatively small schools in BFE Indiana, just 25 miles apart. Wabash has only 860 students, all men. DePauw has just over 2,200 students.

What makes it so special? Why do you put it ahead of Auburn / Alabama or Ohio State / Michigan on a scale basis?

Itís hard to explain but Iíll try.

This is the 112th meeting in football between Wabash and DePauw. Right now each team has won 51 games in the rivalry and there have been nine ties.

Wabash is 9-0 on the season, headed for the Division III playoffs and with a win will no doubt host at least one game in those playoffs. DePauw is 7-1, and with a win they could go to the playoffs and force Wabash on the road.

But even if the teams were winless, this would still be a huge game.

Last season, there were over 11,000 fans at Wabash College to watch the game. Thatís right, 11,000 fans Ė and we had to cut off ticket sales. We could have accommodated at least 15,000 fans, or more, if we had the facilities. (Normally, our stadium holds 4,500).

11,000 people to watch a game Ė 860 students attend the school.

This game will be televised on DirecTV channel 321 at 1:00 on Saturday (Eastern Time).

All over the country, there will be telecast parties. Here is a listing of them.

Here are some links to some stories about the game on the Wabash web site:
Itís showtime.

Seniors what it back.



Here is some info from the DePauw website.

Monon Bell facts.

Music Video! That video was taken in 1984. My buddy, the QB, is #14 for Wabash.

Iím a little biased, OK Ė a lot biased. Wabash is my alma mater, true, but there is a difference between the two schools. We are an all male school but we act like gentlemen. We work hard in school and have a high percentage of PhDs, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, Presidents, etc.

DePauw seems to be the school for the silver spoon set. Things are handed to them in life. We have to work for them at Wabash.

We each have had one Vice President of the United States. Ours was Thomas Marshall, class of 1873. He was Woodrow Wilsonís VP.

DePauwís VP was Dan Quayle. Need I say more?

The bell has been stolen numerous times. Wabash seems to be a bit cleverer in stealing the Bell, however, we do not hide it. When Wabash has it, it is displayed prominently in the Athletic Center over the entrance door. Itís welded down, sure, but itís there.

One year, DePauw buried the thing. What good is having the Bell when you canít see it, or ring it?

Oh, and the best thing is, all of these student athletes are in face student athletes. They go to class, they graduate.

I think the only rivalry that this is comparable to is the Army / Navy game.

So cheer for the Little Giants tomorrow against the evil and loathsome Tigers (sorry Jenster!). Iíll be doing sideline reports for a local radio station in town (WCVL) and I wish the game were today.


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