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1:32 p.m. - August 24, 2005
It's A Cheesy Clip Show Extravaganza!
On 60 Minutes, periodically they had a segment that updated some stories they had shown earlier in the season, or in the prior season. I think they did this when Andy Rooney was on vacation, or to give Steve Kroft something to do.

Well, I think it’s time that I provide an update you all on some of the things that I have posted earlier. Because I need to give Steve Kroft something to do (no…not really)-because things do change after only a few months, as hard as it seems to imagine. And there are some of you who have jumped on this train recently and perhaps would like to read the pathetic doggerel I used to post. (As opposed to the pathetic doggerel I post now).

So on with the show…

This essay on tribute bands was originally written for another site that I plucked and moved over here. A few things about it:

1. I had a friend who told me that he SAW a Steely Dan tribute band, and they could play everything spot on. I still don’t see the point, though.
2. I probably should have added Culture Club to the list. I was thinking that any competent band with a good singer could do them, but I discounted the visual, and I really, really, really don’t want to see a Boy George impersonator. Even if he is kissing to be clever.

This was an essay about my experience at Katie’s dance class and this one was about Katie’s recital. Well, Katie started dance class again and just loves it to death. She’s in a class that starts fairly late in the afternoon, and there are two classes going on at once so the cacophony of little dancers running hither and yon has tripled, it seems. (It’s a geometric scale, I believe when you add more kids into the mix). There is one mother who has a four-year old that is taking THREE classes this year. To me, that seems like a bit much.

This random essay was written while we were waiting for the news about Kristin. We were on 24-7 alert to get to the hospital (thus the oblique reference at the end). But my favorite meal at Wendy’s still costs $6.66.

Katie still plays the air guitar . In fact, I was test driving some CDs for a lucky reader and she was definitely jamming along with me to them. Her technique needs some work, but there’s definitely effort and enthusiasm. And, to add to that, she’s added air drums to the mix as well. We made a great combo Saturday to the song “Shattered” by the Rolling Stones. In fact, Katie can do the backing vocals perfectly. But thank goodness she really hasn’t seen Mick Jagger dance. Who the hell would want their 3 ˝ year old strutting around like him? Yikes! My eyes – they burn!

As I have noted before, Kristin is now sleeping through most of the night, but that wasn’t happening here. In fact the lack of sleep kind of clouded my judgment and I got into a tough spot with a couple of friends. But things are going swimmingly now. But I still fall asleep halfway through Law & Order every night.

And of course, I’ve added some new beats to Kristin’s burping. I did the Bo Diddley beat the other night to success, and actually New Order’s “Blue Monday” worked fairly well. The sad thing, of course, is that Katie takes every opportunity to belch when Kristin is burping. My sweet, demure 3 ˝ year old can really crank out a good burp, on purpose, on demand. Perhaps she should join a freak show!

Our softball team finished with a forfeit, of course. We were 4-14 on the season, but on the last game we played I pitched well, and got on base three times and we won. I think most of the guys will be back next year. That is if our old, decrepit bodies don’t keel over from all the excitement.

Finally, I was rereading this one about non-hit songs and I realized I gave short shrift to the song that inspired it “Blue Letter” by Fleetwood Mac. It’s just a typical fabulous Lindsay Buckingham song, with a great melody and all. Go check it out, it’s well worth the purchase online.

Hopefully you can all take a look back. I’ve been up to my kiester in stuff at work, at home, and making massive CD projects for people. Right now all the words and numbers and datapoints are all congealing in a mass in my head. Plus, I’ve got a lot of ideas sketched out that I’ve shared with my insider trader. But they need time to simmer. (Which knowing me means that I’ll have all posted by Sunday.)

But knowing my house, they’ll be something that comes up any day that will warrant a few thousand words. In fact tomorrow, Liz hosts a Pampered Chef party. I have been excused for the evening, however, I may stick around if there’s good fodder involved!


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